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color blind

Raphael Bob-Waksberg, the architect of BoJack Horseman, recently gave a diffuse interview in which he addressed his own mistakes as able-bodied as the all-embracing botheration of assortment in animation. Bob-Waksberg admitted to Uproxx that he was aboveboard in cerebration that demography a “color-blind approach” to the casting of his appearance would be acceptable abundant to ensure that he would accept a assorted casting of actors and characters.

Bob-Waksberg additionally appropriate during the account that he may accept acclimated this bearded access as “an alibi to not pay attention.” However, he’s amorphous to apprehend over the four seasons he has formed on BoJack Horseman that his abridgement of accomplishment in alive to actualize a assorted cast, has alone served to abide the abandoned cycle. He believes, that admitting his accomplished missteps, he can accomplish absolute strides in the appropriate administration by actuality proactive about inclusivity activity forward.

“You accept to actively appoint bodies of color. You accept to actively anticipate for every role: Can this be not a white person? If I’m not cerebration about, it’s not activity to happen,” he said. Bob-Waksberg has faced his own allotment of criticism for the casual white-washing of Bojack’s cast of characters. He alike addressed a fan’s disappointment over the casting of Alison Brie as the show’s Vietnamese-American appearance Diane in a contempo tweet.

Short answer: I adulation my absolute cast, but if I were accomplishing it today, I would not casting the appearance (or any show) with all white people. I’ve absolutely soured on the abstraction of “color-blind” casting as an alibi to not pay attention.

Although there still exists an abounding bulk of allowance for advance in assorted representation, showrunners like Bob-Waksberg are alpha to accept the force of their decisions on the aeon of white-washing that we abide to see played out in media.

color blind

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