Advice From Experts: Bedroom Design Ideas for Small Spaces

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Nice Accent Wall

Having the tiny space is not easy. You cannot paint the with different color shade as you wish. Instead of playing risk, make a focal point by creating accents on the wall. You can add textures behind the headboard to emphasize your style. Besides, it can enlarge the portion equally.

Multi-function Furniture

When you have a small bedroom, buying the multi-function furniture will be your first shopping list. Buying the wardrobe including the drawers for your small things will be much useful. Or you can try to buy 3 bunk beds for your kids as you don’t have more room to let them sleep comfortably.

Consider the layout

After applying several tips above, now it is your time to consider your layout. Sometimes your layout makes your bedroom looks messier. Try to rearrange your layout to keep the traffic easier and look larger than before. Just like we have explained before, the one side traffic is the best for you.

Apart from that, decorating your small space is still possible.Somehow you need to get rid everything and place the one that can create a focal point instead!

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