Boat beds for toddlers is a bed for toddler which has boat shape with low height. It is very suitable for the children learning to walk. These unique beds now are haunted by many parents for their lovely child.

The boat shape of this bed is safely for the children when they are sleeping or just play around the bed. Sleeping on this boat bed will allow their high imagination as a sailorman sailing on the big ocean.

Choosing boat beds for beloved child has to be considered its safety, design, shape, strength, easy cleaned bed, etc. There are many brands of boat beds for toddler you can choose as what you want. One of many brands which produce boat beds is Kidkraft.


Kidkraft Unique Boat Toddler Beds

Kidkraft is a design and development company from Dallas, Texas, United States that creates furniture items, toys, and gifts. The items produced by Kidkraft are large number of indoor and outdoor furniture like bookshelves, tables and chairs, and step tools.

This brand is especially produces children’s furniture, dollhouses, wooden toy trains, play kitchens, and other toy products. One of the popular items of Kidkraft nowadays is boat beds for toddlers.

Boat beds from Kidkraft are uniquely stylish that definitely will grab childrens attention. The designer is inspired from the look of boat which combines simple line and circular cutouts on the bed sides. Your child also can climb and play around the boat bed safely with its low stance.

This strong bed is made from high quality wood and can be fitted with almost all standard mattresses size. For the cleanness of the bed, it is simply easy wiping a damp cloth to keep.


Classic Toddler Bed for Fully Save Children

Classic Kidkraft toddler bed has decorative bed rails to keep kids safe with convenient storage compartment. Easy access for kids because the height is low enough to the ground. The mattress, pillow and bedding is not included. This boat bed costs $249.11 with free shipping if you get it via


Boat toddler Bed Cot to Explore Child’s Imagination

Another models is Kidkraft boat toddler bed cot that will make children explore their imagination. With unique shape, they will feel like a young fisherman sleeping on the sea under the stars blinking on them. It is has bold blue stripe and pointed bow or portholes on the trail.

The design gives realistic and modern nautical touch to the furniture. Some similar theme pieces can support the boat bed to make ocean atmosphere to your children room.

This wood toddler is completed with the space for toys, books, and other things under the stern. The boat bed cot shape also keep the room tidy with its space-saving design in tight room. This furniture is also completed with a head board to make children easier in reading book and doing other activities.

This is made from solid rubber wood material so that sturdy and long lasting.


Where to Find Them?

The boat beds for toddler can be found in some stores like Walmart, Pottery Barn which sells furniture for children. To get easier, online shop will be the right alternative to buy boat beds for toddler. Just visit,, or and choose the item displayed on the web.


Those are the explanations of boat beds for toddler and where to find them. Beautify the children’s room with this boat bed to make an ocean atmosphere. Make them as a young fisherman in their imagination with their safe lovely bed. And have a great dream!

Bed Bath and Beyond is a retail store that sells merchandise originally owned by American. This store sells especially goods or hardware in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dinning room. There are various hardware which are available including Bed Bath and Beyond toilet paper holder.

The prices are various depend on the brands, models, materials, and brand. Well, let’s check out the various toilet paper holders in this store.


Brands of Bed Bath and Beyond Toilet Paper Holder

You can find high quality of toilet paper holders here. There are many top brands of toilet paper holder at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are Allied Brass, Kingston Brass, Nameeks, WS Bath Collections, and Delta. Every brand provides many models of toilet paper holder.

The goods of these brands are priced about $90 until $320 depend on what the model and material is. Here will be listed the types of toilet paper roll holder Bed Bath and Beyond that are provided.


Bed Bath and Beyond Bear Toilet Paper Holder

Get this amazing toilet paper holder in this store. This type of paper holder has very cute bear shape which is made by Rivers Edge brand.  The shape of bear which hold the toilet paper will be very interesting for children.

This type of toilet paper is very appropriate to be placed in bathroom of your children, kindergarten, or elementary school.


Bed Bath and Beyond Duck Toilet Paper Holder

Like bear toilet paper holder, this model also very suitable for children. The duck shape which has two legs and two wings holding toilet paper is very cute. Not only duck and bear, Rivers Edge brand also provides many other cute animal shape.

Cheer your children up with this hardware in the bathroom. The children will be more have willingness to keep the cleanness of bathroom independently.


Bed Bath and Beyond Toilet Paper Holder Stand

You can move this paper holder in any corner of your bathroom. It is usually featured with space saving models that can save 2 until 4 roll paper. With a sleek design also can make you easy to use it even in the limited floor area.

The brands are InterDesign, Spa Creation, Monaco, Taymor, Kingston Brass, etc. which provides in many variants of material and color. Bed Bath and Beyond free standing toilet paper holder costs from about $11.00 up to $66.00.


Bed Bath and Beyond Brushed Nickel Toilet Paper Holder

One of these models is Winthrop Brushed Nickel Toilet Paper Reserve Holder. This toilet paper reserve is finished with brushed nickel and polished accents. It can decorate your bathroom with classic style bathroom hardware.

Not only has a good taste in style, but it also high functioned with extra toilet paper handy. Many more the brand and models which is brushed with nickel you can buy in this store.


Bed Bath and Beyond Tissue Box Holder

Tissue boxes are also provided with various color, motive, and material. The brands provided are Kassatex, Titan Legacy, Memphis, Alemain, Montego, InterDesign, Saranac, Veratex, Crosscil, DKNY, Murano and Avanti.

The prices start from about $9.99 up to $56.00 depend on the models and material used. The materials used as tissue box cover are metallic gold, metallic silver, aluminum, stone, glass, porcelain, and wood. This variants will beautify and decorate your bathroom chic.


Those are the toilet paper holders available at Bed Bath and Beyond. there are many variants of high quality brands with different models, colors and material.

You can complete your bathroom hardware with one of those stylish and chic toilet paper holders. Choose and get Bed Bath and Beyond toilet paper holder now!




Your bed can make a statement! Make sure you pick the one that fits with you the most whether you want to pick the Rooms to Go King size bedroom sets, Bed Bath and Beyond bedroom sets or others. The only thing you should know before purchasing it is trying to look for the most adjustable one.

How To Choose The Perfect Rooms To Go King Size Bedroom Sets


First of all, keep in mind you know your models; metal or wooden material. Once you pick the metal material, it is considered as the cheaper item than the wooden bed. However, this will leave you in trouble once you want to remodel or repair some broken parts of it.

You will need a professional help. Otherwise, the wooden material offers various type of woods that have different tone; pine, maple, oak and much more. Meanwhile, it also let you fix the problem using another plank which is easier to do by yourself. It only makes you spend more budget at the very first purchasing. During the maintenance, it is different.

Style and Size

The next factors to consider are the style and size which depend on your preference and need. Some of you might need the 3 bunk beds instead for your kids, Or the adjustable frame to help you treat your partner’s sleep apnea. Those are your choices that will define your home arrangements.


The mattress will define your sleep comfort. Choose the right material that includes longer durability. The memory foam sometimes becomes the most used material for bedding. Ask the seller what is the best for your sleep.
When you have decided, what works best for you, now pick the right place to but. If you love the Rooms to Go, several Rooms To Go King size bedroom sets bellow might really help you! Check them!

Rooms To Go King Size Bedroom Sets Review


For you who want the super glamor bedding, these bedding sets give you luxurious look with canopy (the canopy fabric is not included), mattress and foundation and the queen size bed. Besides, you will also get dresser and mirror. Each of them is made of high-quality material offering a traditional and classical look. Buying this furniture will absolutely add your bedroom value.


Are you wishing another cheap room To Go King size bedroom sets with the luxurious look? this bed gives what you are dreaming of. The wooden look with classic oak tone gives a traditional touch to your bedroom style. It features two roomy storage footboards drawers, mattress foundation, queen size bed and bed board. The wood is coated well with a hazelnut finish.


This is one of the cheapest Rooms To Go King size bedroom sets that is completed with upholstery. It features low profile side with simple lines. The upholstery is completed with a button designed in a simple pattern. Making your bedroom look so traditional yet modern.


This is one of our favorite from Rooms To Go King size bedroom sets with luxurious wooden tone. It is constructed from the best hardwood solid with two-tone gray and black. The simple design let you place it in any kind of bedroom style. You may place it in the classic home design, or the modern one. However, the mattress and foundation are sold separately.


When your mattress and bed frames problems have been fixed, then your next problem is the blanket will decide the comfort. You know sometimes the blanket is not only protecting your body from a cold climate but also adds comfort to your sleep. Most people find themselves feeling difficult to sleep when they don’t touch a blanket. For instance, the weighted blanket is the sleep perfection you should fill.

Weighted blanket Bed Bath And Beyond is one of the popular brands which can add your sleep value. Several products from Bed Bath And Beyond bellow might be on your list. Therefore we provide you short summarize to help you find your best blanket. Put them on the list!

Weighted blanket Bed Bath And Beyond Short Reviews

Marlo Velvet Plush Full/Queen Blanke

It is a lightweight blanket which is made of high-quality material offering you smoothness and warm. It is really soft without leaving the weight just like on the heavy blanket.

There are several sizes you can pick including the Twin blanket with 66″ W x 90″ L, Full or Queen with 90″ W x 90″ L and King blanket with 102″ W x 90″ L. It is made of 100% polyester and really easy to maintain which you can clean it using washing machine.

Silana Velvet Plush Full/Queen Blanket In Indian Teal

It is an ideal weighted blanket Bed Bath and Beyond with super silky feel. It is lightweight without leaving heavy and still warm during the cold climate. The blanket is breathable and really cozy which can be your companion throughout the year. The design is really simple with beautiful in blue navy.

The blanket is made of 100% polyester and available for several types of bed including the Twin, Queen, and King bed. The maintenance is compatible for dry or machine cleaning.

Downtown Company Herringbone Twin Blanket In Navy/White

If you wish a perfect blanket to snuggle with, this blanket is your right choice. With the 100% cotton material, the blanket is ready to keep you warm and still feel light and comfortable during the sleep. It features two-tone classic models.

Besides the blanket is also available for some sizes including Twin, Queen, and King. One feature that you should love is this blanket compatible for washing machine cleaning.

Woobie Blanket

It is weighted blanket Bed Bath and Beyond product with ultra lightweight. The blanket is compatible for indoor and outdoor use giving you warm feel and the easiness to bring it to everywhere. You can bring it to picnics or campings. It is semi-water resistant so you can give it your kids.
The blanket is included with a travel bag so you have no worries when your kids have activities at their school. The blanket is only available in one size, 55″ L x 82″ W.

The maintenance is easy, you can just do this using machine wash and dry cleaning. With 1 year of warranty, you can feel relieved for such outdoor activities. Still warm and comfortable using the Woobie Blanket. It is very worthy!

We spend one-third of ours day with sleeping to help the body doing the metabolism. It even can cause several problems during your activity. Meanwhile, some reasons of the sleeping disorder are caused by many things including a bed frame. It might your frame has bed bugs so it disturbs you at night, or you need an adjustable bed frame for your sleep apnea or other things that comfort you.

The Room and Board bed frame become one of the favorite items among competitors offering nice design and high-quality frame. But does it help you much? We think not at all! Several things bellow need to be on your list.

How to Pick Your Best Room and Board Bed Frame

Consider The Type of Bed

Your bedroom is typically a focal point in the bedroom which will decide its beauty. There are several bed frames you should know including a canopy frame which has breathable material that covers the frame, or the poster bed that four tall posts. If you one classic model, you can pick the sleigh bed frame which was popular as well in the 19th century.

For more comfortable bed frames that can save your space, the trundle is the most popular one allowing you to let 3 people sleep in one room. It is good for you who have kids but you have no room for making them have a good sleep.

Pick the Construction Material that Fit the Most

Purchasing a bed frame that is made of metal will be less expensive. However, some problems will occur when you find it broken and to repair it. For several reasons, you must spend more budget. Otherwise, the wooden bed frame is considered expensive when you buy it, but it is really easy for the maintenance.

It also adds value to your room with a number of wood choices including oak, maple, pine, etc. The maintenance is really easy, except when you find bed bugs which sometimes hide inside the wood.

Only Pick The Appropriate Size

There are several things you should know, including Twin (39×75 inches), Full (54×75 inches), Queen (60×80 inches), King (76 x 80 inches) and California King (72×84 inches).

Besides, you have to make sure to buy the one that compatible with your room height. 3 bunk beds sometimes will eat the height. It is suggested to buy the 2 bunk beds with trundle instead to help you save the space.

Consider Storage

Room And Board bed frames with built-in storage are a wise choice, especially for you who have much stuff in your room. This should help you without letting you buy new cabinets just to place your small things. There are many products from Room And Board bed frames that support drawer and completed with a cabinet you can choose.