Bed Bath And Beyond Mattress Protector Complete Review

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The most worrying thing when you buy a new mattress is how to protect it from the dust, grease, and bugs. Moreover, you might have allergies so you have to be careful when you set the mattress in the living room. But you cannot ignore this, no matter how far your effort is, except you buy the mattress protector. Anyway, the Bed Bath And Beyond Mattress Protector is one of the most well-known in the market.

The confusion is only a number of variants you need the most, isn’t it? Well, there several types of mattress protector you can find. One of them is the Remedy Bed Bug and Mite Mattress Protector in White. As one of the most wanted item, you probably need a review before deciding to purchase it one for your home. And we are here for you cause we have some information to share with you.

Remedy Bed Bug and Dust Mite Mattress Protector in White Review


Features To Offer

First of all, let’s begin with the feature. How this mattress protector can give maximum protection to your bed.

This Remedy Bed Bug and Dust Mite Mattress Protector in White is a mattress protector that is claimed to prevent your bed from dust mites, bugs and others with waterproof and hypoallergenic supports. This also has bug proof zipper letting your bed last longer and free you from bugs.

It is washable, 100% chemical-free cotton and breathable. There are several sizes you can pick to fit your mattress and can cover your mattress up to 14″ deep.

Some Cons to Know

It doesn’t include 360 zipper

Among that good feature, this Bed Bath And Beyond mattress protector only provides one end zipper. It doesn’t provide 360 zippers so sometimes it leaves you in difficulty on installing the mattress. If you want to wash it, you will need to wash the whole protector.

It doesn’t work for Queen Size

If you wish to cover the queen sleep number mattress with this product, then be ready to get disappointed because it doesn’t fit with it. Not at all!

Wrong Size Validity

Some customers reported that this mattress protector is too big for the queen size bed. They didn’t think it has too much extra size. That’s why it is not comfortable when you sleep on it.

The mattress is a bit warmer

Besides the wrong size validity, this Bed Bath And Beyond Mattress Protector is a little bit warmer. Some of you who live in a warmer climate might not feel comfortable and let you sweater than without it. Overall, this is really good and well-made.

Considering the cons reported by previous customers, you have to do several things to avoid any mistaken. First of all, ensure you know your mattress size, after that, ask the customer service the exact size of each model.

By this way, you know which type that fits that fit the most with you. Know your mattress thickness will avoid you from disappointment as well.

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