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Bed Bath and Beyond is a retail store that sells merchandise originally owned by American. This store sells especially goods or hardware in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dinning room. There are various hardware which are available including Bed Bath and Beyond toilet paper holder.

The prices are various depend on the brands, models, materials, and brand. Well, let’s check out the various toilet paper holders in this store.


Brands of Bed Bath and Beyond Toilet Paper Holder

You can find high quality of toilet paper holders here. There are many top brands of toilet paper holder at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are Allied Brass, Kingston Brass, Nameeks, WS Bath Collections, and Delta. Every brand provides many models of toilet paper holder.

The goods of these brands are priced about $90 until $320 depend on what the model and material is. Here will be listed the types of toilet paper roll holder Bed Bath and Beyond that are provided.


Bed Bath and Beyond Bear Toilet Paper Holder

Get this amazing toilet paper holder in this store. This type of paper holder has very cute bear shape which is made by Rivers Edge brand.  The shape of bear which hold the toilet paper will be very interesting for children.

This type of toilet paper is very appropriate to be placed in bathroom of your children, kindergarten, or elementary school.


Bed Bath and Beyond Duck Toilet Paper Holder

Like bear toilet paper holder, this model also very suitable for children. The duck shape which has two legs and two wings holding toilet paper is very cute. Not only duck and bear, Rivers Edge brand also provides many other cute animal shape.

Cheer your children up with this hardware in the bathroom. The children will be more have willingness to keep the cleanness of bathroom independently.


Bed Bath and Beyond Toilet Paper Holder Stand

You can move this paper holder in any corner of your bathroom. It is usually featured with space saving models that can save 2 until 4 roll paper. With a sleek design also can make you easy to use it even in the limited floor area.

The brands are InterDesign, Spa Creation, Monaco, Taymor, Kingston Brass, etc. which provides in many variants of material and color. Bed Bath and Beyond free standing toilet paper holder costs from about $11.00 up to $66.00.


Bed Bath and Beyond Brushed Nickel Toilet Paper Holder

One of these models is Winthrop Brushed Nickel Toilet Paper Reserve Holder. This toilet paper reserve is finished with brushed nickel and polished accents. It can decorate your bathroom with classic style bathroom hardware.

Not only has a good taste in style, but it also high functioned with extra toilet paper handy. Many more the brand and models which is brushed with nickel you can buy in this store.


Bed Bath and Beyond Tissue Box Holder

Tissue boxes are also provided with various color, motive, and material. The brands provided are Kassatex, Titan Legacy, Memphis, Alemain, Montego, InterDesign, Saranac, Veratex, Crosscil, DKNY, Murano and Avanti.

The prices start from about $9.99 up to $56.00 depend on the models and material used. The materials used as tissue box cover are metallic gold, metallic silver, aluminum, stone, glass, porcelain, and wood. This variants will beautify and decorate your bathroom chic.


Those are the toilet paper holders available at Bed Bath and Beyond. there are many variants of high quality brands with different models, colors and material.

You can complete your bathroom hardware with one of those stylish and chic toilet paper holders. Choose and get Bed Bath and Beyond toilet paper holder now!




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