Bed Tents for Bunk Beds

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Are your kids getting bored with his old bunk beds? Give the new sensation and a cheerful touch with bed tents for bunk beds. Bed tents are sold in stores with various colors, models, and brands. You can suit the models, shapes, colors, and materials with your room or depend on what your kids like.

Bed tents for bunk beds are usually designed for children to cheer them up and explore their imagination while doing activities in the room. The shapes can be a house, castle, transportation, or park. There are also the shapes of regular tent or with the touch of canopy shapes. Bed tents for twin bunk beds are usually sold with its bed frame but it is also possibly sold separately.

Some examples of bed tents for bunk beds available at stores

Bring your sons’ room into a fun play area with Boy’s Bed Fire Department Curtain Set. It will explore her imagination to be a hero as a firefighter with its motive of the tent. It has covering hiding place for very neat storages and can be used as a play area. Having a slide or storage steps is very suitable to the children. You can buy this bed tent with $60.97.

Another bed tent is Laugh Girl Twin over Twin Slat Slide Tent Bunk Bed which is sold with its bunk beds. It provides cheerful house sensation for kids plus the slide that can be used as play ground in the room. The curtains are available in two feminine colors you can choose for your lovely daughters.

The lower bunk will be feels inside the house and for the higher feels on top of the house. It costs from $1,618.00 up to $2,016.00.

How to make a bed tent for bunk beds

The first step to do is making preparation by measuring of the bed frame, the circumstance of it. Measure the distance of the top to the ceiling for making where the curtain panel is going to fall. If one side bed against the wall, you don’t need measuring this side because it does need the falling panels.

The next thing to do is beginning the assembly by adding half an inch of measurement you made for seams. Press display side, sew and line curtain using a sewing machine to make a straight seam complete around the edges.

The third step is fitting the curtain rail above the bed frame by making holes for accommodating the screws. It requires two curtain rails side by side at the center point of the ceiling above the bed. Ensure that they do not hinder each other.

The last step is hanging the curtain panels. Let the curtain drop and cut Velcro strips about 3 inches long. Then slide them beneath the hanging panels at the foot of bed.

Those are choice that you can decide whether to buy or make bunk bed tents by yourself. If you like practice things just buy it at stores. But if you want the cheaper one and explore your creativity, just make it with simple way. Keep your bedroom to be the beautiful place for your relax time.


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