Boat Beds for Toddlers and Where to Find Them

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Boat beds for toddlers is a bed for toddler which has boat shape with low height. It is very suitable for the children learning to walk. These unique beds now are haunted by many parents for their lovely child.

The boat shape of this bed is safely for the children when they are sleeping or just play around the bed. Sleeping on this boat bed will allow their high imagination as a sailorman sailing on the big ocean.

Choosing boat beds for beloved child has to be considered its safety, design, shape, strength, easy cleaned bed, etc. There are many brands of boat beds for toddler you can choose as what you want. One of many brands which produce boat beds is Kidkraft.


Kidkraft Unique Boat Toddler Beds

Kidkraft is a design and development company from Dallas, Texas, United States that creates furniture items, toys, and gifts. The items produced by Kidkraft are large number of indoor and outdoor furniture like bookshelves, tables and chairs, and step tools.

This brand is especially produces children’s furniture, dollhouses, wooden toy trains, play kitchens, and other toy products. One of the popular items of Kidkraft nowadays is boat beds for toddlers.

Boat beds from Kidkraft are uniquely stylish that definitely will grab childrens attention. The designer is inspired from the look of boat which combines simple line and circular cutouts on the bed sides. Your child also can climb and play around the boat bed safely with its low stance.

This strong bed is made from high quality wood and can be fitted with almost all standard mattresses size. For the cleanness of the bed, it is simply easy wiping a damp cloth to keep.


Classic Toddler Bed for Fully Save Children

Classic Kidkraft toddler bed has decorative bed rails to keep kids safe with convenient storage compartment. Easy access for kids because the height is low enough to the ground. The mattress, pillow and bedding is not included. This boat bed costs $249.11 with free shipping if you get it via


Boat toddler Bed Cot to Explore Child’s Imagination

Another models is Kidkraft boat toddler bed cot that will make children explore their imagination. With unique shape, they will feel like a young fisherman sleeping on the sea under the stars blinking on them. It is has bold blue stripe and pointed bow or portholes on the trail.

The design gives realistic and modern nautical touch to the furniture. Some similar theme pieces can support the boat bed to make ocean atmosphere to your children room.

This wood toddler is completed with the space for toys, books, and other things under the stern. The boat bed cot shape also keep the room tidy with its space-saving design in tight room. This furniture is also completed with a head board to make children easier in reading book and doing other activities.

This is made from solid rubber wood material so that sturdy and long lasting.


Where to Find Them?

The boat beds for toddler can be found in some stores like Walmart, Pottery Barn which sells furniture for children. To get easier, online shop will be the right alternative to buy boat beds for toddler. Just visit,, or and choose the item displayed on the web.


Those are the explanations of boat beds for toddler and where to find them. Beautify the children’s room with this boat bed to make an ocean atmosphere. Make them as a young fisherman in their imagination with their safe lovely bed. And have a great dream!

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