Canopy from Iron VS Canopy from Light Steel

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Canopy from Iron VS Canopy from Light Steel

To have a house with a good aesthetic, usually the inhabitants put a canopy in front of the terrace of his house. Canopies for houses such as for terraces, corridors or carport using a light steel canopy or iron construction canopy combined with a variety of roofing options including ornaments, etc. which aims to protect from sunlight or exposure to rain as well as to enhance the appearance of the building, whether home, office, building and others. Using an iron canopy made of welding workshop and lightweight steel canopy with the material completely from lightweight steel material usually combined with the roof of polycarbonet, spandek or roof of gogreen wave, Minimalis both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some people install a canopy of iron while others install from steel material, both types of concrete / conventional steel and mild steel .. Iron canopy usually used is hollow type iron to be installed on the parking lot or carport home is a canopy of mild steel using lightweight steel roof material Zincalume anti-rust is very suitable when combined using a roof from the roof of gogreen waves.

Use of the home canopy by selecting materials from lightweight steel canopies because of their relatively cheaper price than iron canopy, non-corrosive material & installation efficiency. Limited budgets & the efficiency of installation time that can be much faster than the iron canopy make some building owners prefer this type of light steel house canopy. But the drawback of this canopy is the shape is less ‘neat’ when viewed from the bottom of the frame if the installation is not done by a special technician lightweight steel canopy artist who is accustomed not only can or easy the work is also a result that prioritizes neatness or aesthetics of the light steel canopy . Conversely, the type canopy hollow or iron shape will look beautiful because not too many bolts are used to install it but because the process of making it must be in welding & there is a finishing work then the iron house canopy takes a much longer time than the canopy of mild steel. Installation by means of welded, beeda with mild steel attached with a drill with a roofing bolt.

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Lightweight steel canopy has advantages because its basic material, Zinc and Galvalum is known as anti-rust. While the iron canopy, especially black hollow iron is very easy to rust. For those who still want to use iron for canopynya, just use hollow galvanized iron anti-rust. Iron is generally white so it looks luxurious. To put on the roof, white color is vulnerable dirty not so a problem because it is covered by the aesthetics of the roof itself.

Another advantage of iron canopy is its simple, uncomplicated and relatively easy construction. In contrast to lightweight steel canopies whose materials are relatively thinner, only 0.6 to a maximum of 1 millimeter compared with many options of thickness or shape of the use of iron materials. This resulted in its construction requiring even more stretch. While the thick and square-shaped metal has a greater strength than steel. This minimalist canopy also has a stretch that can allow for the use of one frame, in contrast to steel that needs double strand and pole support. This can change the appearance of the roof construction so as to make it look less beautiful. In order to look beautiful, can be made a minimalist steel design using a U-shaped sticky joint and is designed to be double. The connection will look neater. Compared to conventional steel, mild steel becomes a favourit today.

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