Children need many things or toys to do their activities even in their room. If you have the small room, it will take much space to put the furniture like bed, storages, etc. May be you think hardly how to simplify the furniture in the room so that not take mush space. Actually, it is the matter that can be solved easily. There are many twin beds with storage drawers underneath available at stores.

There are many brands that collect these twin beds with storage drawers underneath. They are Mainstay, Sout Shore, Sauder, Camaflexi, Merax, etc. The models can be single twin bed, twin over twin, or loft twin bed with drawer underneath. It can made from solid wood, cherry, oak, pine, metal, rubber wood, wood veneer, birch, maple, and steel.

Merax collection has an espresso colored twin size platform storage bed with 6 drawers. This sleek and low profile design gives modern touch that is suitable with any type of your room. For years to come, it will be still looks good with durable espresso finish and high quality wood.

Ample storage space for keeping books, linen, toys, and clothes is provided with six drawers underneath. This gorgeous bed costs $359.90.

Another of many twin beds with storage drawers underneath is from South Sore collection, Twin Mate’s Bed 39”. It has three spacious drawers 22.5” x 14.25” x 4.5” that can keep many things you need in your room. It will be nice if paired with the twin bookcase headboard. The blueberry and chocolate one is priced $144.14 while chocolate color while white wash is $165.90.

Espresso Tall Twin Captain’s Platform from Prepac originally from Canada both increases storage space and maintain space of your room. It has 16 extra deep functional storage drawers underneath that can keep many things you need in the room.

Mixture of composite wood is the material to make this bed which is finished by lamination. The black and espresso colored bed costs $315.00 and for the cherry one is priced at $395.33.

White Twin Beds with Storage Drawers Underneath for Your Sweet Little Princess

Bring the classic touch with white colored bed with drawers under. Make your little one as a princes in your home with excellent white bed. The brand that provide white colored drawer beds are Sote Shore, Viv + Rae, Country Poetry collection, etc.

it is usually made from high quality wood. Read the product below to be considered to buy.

Country Poetry Mate’s Bed with storage bring peaceful atmosphere to your kid room. It is featured by spiral metal knobs with silver finish and saver that can be set up in the corner of the room. The metal drawer glides smoothly and can be assembled on either side of the bed.

The material is from high quality wood. This peaceful touch white drawer bed is priced $204.99.

With $369.99, you can buy a Francis Mate’s Bed with storage. It is a bed from Viv + Rae that has one drawer on full extension with ball gliding under. It is very ideal for keeping bedding, toys, and other thing you used in daily. It also features open storage that can be placed by many things like basket, shoes, and stuffed animals. It is finished with lacquer and white melamine.

Those are the example of various twin beds with storage drawers underneath you can get from the stores. With each specification, chose the best one for your room as you need. The bed drawers will keep your room feels spacious without lessen the storages to keep many thing you need. Get the bed drawer now and make your home sweet home comes true.

Do you have a problem with the space of your tight room? Do you want to buy bed with multifunctional features so that you can make the effective room for your relax time? Don’t worry. Nowadays, many brands of furniture collections that produce twin bed with drawer storage. Here will be mentioned some of these items.

Circles Twin Loft Bed with Storage

With this modular loft bed, for kids, play time and bed time is just the same. This twin bed with drawer underneath is made from sturdy pine wood which costs $889.99. The underneath area is created for studying area or other activities. It is shaped with circular cutouts includes a two drawer shelf, a three drawer chest, and book case.

Waking up will be exiting because the children would be not urged to go anywhere to study or doing other daily activities.

South Shore 39” Fynn Mates Bed

This twin size bed is produced by South Shore furniture collection. It has a bed with three drawers underneath that you can use to keep many things. There are three colors with different price for each. For brown oak color, it costs $125.14 while the gray oak one costs $ 175.99. last, rustic Oak is priced at $164.54.

Nexera Pocono Twin Bed with Dresser Under and Book Shelf

This bed from Nexera provides twin bed with three drawers that you can use to store many clothes. Not only the drawer that makes it functional, it also completed with book chase headboard twin. It is colored with elegant brown.

You can get this item with $380.60. Just take it to make your bed time wonderful with full of gorgeous book.

Excellent Twin Bed Frame with Dresser Underneath from Camaflexi Collection

This is a type of bunk bed which has twin over twin beds. With mission style, this bed is made from solid wood. It has low bunk bed with two drawers with different side of lader ladder. End angled ladder costs $874.17 while side attached ladder style is priced $825.25. the color available are white and cappuccino.

Great Low Loft Twin Bed with Dresser Underneath from Maxtrix

This multifunctional bed has low loft with six plus three dresser underneath. The drawers can make you store many clothes as much as possible. The bed also has safety frame for your child to sleep and the ladder to reach on the bed. It has natural finished wood. The priced for this bed is $2,135.00. Keep your clothes tidy with many dresser under the bed from Maxtrix collection.

Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed

This bed has twin bed with trundle bed and three dressers launched by Broyhill furniture collection. This Broyhill product is colored in three color variants. The black one is priced at $459.99. The gray Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed costs $499.99. White colored one is $486.15.

Choose the best color suited with your room and feel the maximizing place with this small bed.

Camaflexi Panel Style

This twin over twin bed is made from solid wood bunk bed with trundle. The ladder is attached on the side of bed. There are two color you can choose, they are cappuccino and natural color not only twin over twin size, this model also has full over full size for taller kids or adults. The price for Camaflexi Panel Style twin size is $928.46.

Those are the models, colors and brands with various brands you can buy in stores. Just adjust your small room with twin bed with dresser underneath. Take the bed and make kids enjoy the time and activities in his or her small room.

Better sleeping is very influenced by how you feel enough to the space you sleep on. Too small space will make your sleep disturbed and don’t get a good sleep. Buying too small bed or mattress is the common mistake people do in purchasing this item. Before you decide to buy, ensure that the size you want to buy gives satisfaction of the space. Twin bed dimensions feet is the best one for your kids.

However, many sizes of bed that are provided. The size is suited with who will sleep on it. Mattress sizes are California king size mattress, king size mattress, queen size mattress, full size mattress. Those are the best for adult or couple while the twin size mattress is suitable for kids. Here will be explained slightly about the sizes.

Types of Bed Size

For large space of bed there are California king size or king bed size. California king bed dimensions has 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. This is a perfect choice if you want bed with more length. You can sleep with your couple and your kid comfort. King bed dimension has 76 inches wide and 80 inches long that is best for couple with maximum space.

For the smaller size. there are Full size, Queen size, twin XL size, and twin size. Full bed dimension is sized 54 inches wide by 74 inches tall which is also known as double mattress. There is also queen mattress with more width than a full mattress. The twin mattress dimensions in feet will be explained next.

Suitable Twin Bed Dimensions Feet for Your Lovely Kid

The smallest mattress available in stores is twin bed dimension in feet. The dimension of this size has 39 inches wide and 74 inches long. This is the best for one child sleeping or one adult. The small size will be very suitable also for limited ground in your room. For taller adult, it will be more comfortable with the larger one.

Twin bed frame dimensions feet are usually combined with some drawers underneath. It is an effective way to be put in small room for your little one. It is also combined with bed bunk model or loft bed model to allow two kids sleep in the same room with separated beds.

Twin XL Bed frame Dimensions in Feet

This size has larger wide and long than twin size bed dimensions feet. Twin XL (extra long size) has 6 inches longer than twin size.  This XL twin bed is very popular in college dorm room which has enough space for sleeping and efficient for medium room. Usually it is featured with loft or bunk model to maximize the space of the room.

An Example of Beds with Twin Size Bed Frame Dimensions in Feet

Here is one of many twin size bed frames which is stored at It is Mainstay Innovative Metal Platform Base Foundation. The conventional look is not appeared on this bed. Made from durable and premium quality steel, it provides you to use low-profile bed foundation and support sturdiness for the mattress. It costs from $49.00 up to $64.00

Those are the sizes of bed that is commonly available at stores around the world. Ensure that you have to understand about the bed size so that you don’t make the common mistake in purchasing. Whether you want to buy single, loft or bunk bed, the size must be fitted with who will sleep on it.

Having make sure about the size of bed, just buy with the right material and price suited for your budget. Think smartly and happy shopping!

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