Do Platform Beds Need A Boxspring

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What is exactly a platform bed? And do platform beds need a boxspring? First to know is a platform bed. It is precisely a bed frame with head and foot board. It has many wood slats running side to side. They are preferably no more than 3 inches apart which is aimed to provide proper support to your bed or mattress. Even, traditional bed can also own wood slats only 1-3 just to support a foundation or box spring.

So, do platform beds have a box spring? The answer is probably yes they have a box spring which is used as a foundation to the mattress or bed. The word of boxsrping is actually such a misnomer due to not all beds use springs. Foundation is now used most of the beds which is to support them. It can be made of wood and also metal.

Do Platform Beds Need A Boxspring?

Well, back to the main question above. Just look at the options you have here. Whenever you need a mattress or bed, you can put it on the floor. That is the first option. It gives you proper support to your bed. So, in this case do platform beds use a boxspring? Of course, box spring is changed with the direct floor. Actually, it is not looking do nice and as sanitary since you are on this floor.

Another option is that you can put your bed on a boxspring. It is to support the bed needs and usually used in conjunction with a bed frame. It is aimed to keep everything off your floor. Move to another choice.

You are allowed to use a platform bed which is very popular in Europe especially bedroom for men. It consist of platform surface which is made of solid or slats. So back to the question, do platform beds need a boxspring? Well, you don’t need boxspring when your mattress goes directly on your bed.

Do You Need A Boxspring For Platform Beds?

So, do you need a boxspring? Well, once again it depends on your option. As explained above that you can put mattress anywhere you prefer. However, it might be necessary you put a boxspring to your platform beds to support the firm of your bed. Then, does a platform bed frame need a boxspring? It depends on your need precisely! If you think it is comfortable for you, then you may use a boxspring on your bed platform.

Does a platform bed need a boxspring? The answer probably not at all because your platform is already supporting your mattress. In other hand, you can use a boxspring to make you more comfortable when you are sleeping.

Does my platform bed need a boxspring?

To answer this question, you should look back again to your bed style whether it is traditional or not. If it does exist already the platform, you may or may not need a boxspring. However you may need it when it is winter and spring.

Well, with a platform bed do you need a boxspring? If it is making you comfortable using boxspring, you can put it under your mattress to more support the bed.

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