Guide to Buy the King Size Sleep Number Bed Price

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Hoping for the best bedding to support your back, you must be thinking about the air beds. The Sleep Number Beds come as one of the most popular items today featuring DualAir technology that allows you to have individual firmness level. Waw! This is an excellent  feature that we should have since we have different sleeping style, especially when you have a partner.

Talking about the King size Sleep Number Bed Price, each varies. Besides, you will need a modular base for the bed which costs around $300 (the standard Queen size). Or, you can opt for the adjustable FlexFit base which costs around $1,200 for the Queen size.

It is important to have such proper base that covers the 25-year warranty. The best offer to have with this brand is the 100-days home trial. You can return the bed when you don’t experience any satisfaction.

If you are looking for the cheap King Size Sleep Number Bed, you should know that the cost range around $500 to $500. With a number excellent feature, it is clear that this bedding is quite worthy for such number. To give you more information, we help you to collect some details that can help you figure out your dream bed.

Classic Series

Forget your first goal about looking for the King size Sleep Number Adjustable bed price, make sure you know each model series. This has different feature and benefits that you probably need.

  • The classic beds of the Sleep Number Bed have the soft foam with a quilted mattress. This has an antimicrobial feature to protect you from bad odors. Anyway, the classic series differ in three models with different depth and plushness.
  • The C2 has 8-inch with Queen-size set.It costs around $800 for the regular payment. Meanwhile, the King Size Sleep Number Bed price is around $1,300 which is a double cost.
  • The C4 has 10-inch thick. It is featured a plusher layer with 1,5-inch foam. The Queen size type cost around $1,500 and the King size costs $2,000.
  • The CSE is completed with a 10-inch profile. It is also featured 2 inches foam layer. In terms of price, the Queen size costs $1,800 and the King size costs around $2,300.

Which Models that Fit You the Most?

It is trickier to know the best King Size Sleep Number Bed price that meets your need. Your only way is connecting it with the budget and try them out. You should make sure that you compare the different models to ensure you meet the suited bed.

You can try the Sleep IQ Technology which can help you to meet your need each night. This will give you sleep score and advice that will help you to mind the sleep pattern. You will need to spend $200 to add the sleep sensor to the mattress.

How to Look for the Best Price

The Sleep Number Bed is a premium bedding with excellent technology. That’s why the price range for each model a bit higher compared to the regular bedding. That’s why you should look for the best deal to save hundreds dollar with the same warranty.







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