How Much do Bunk Bed Cost

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 Bunk bed is better choice for your small room to remain it spacious than using two bed on the floor. There are many models of bunk beds you can choose with various material like metal, pine, solid wood, etc. The differences of the material use and the size absolutely influence the cost of bunk beds.

Not only the kind of material, but also the model and the number of material needed to make the bunkbed. Then it brings a question ‘how much do bunk bed cost for each?’

How much do bunk beds cost depending on the material?

Wood is the most popular material to make bunk beds that can be shaped and colored with various style. The durability of the wood will make the bunk bed lasts for years which costs start from $215.00. For metal bunkbeds, commonly it has cheaper than the wooden bunk bed.

Metal has lighter weight than wood so the bunk bed can be moved easily. These metal bunk beds start from $117.22.

How much does a bunk bed cost depending on the basic design and style?

There are some basic designs of bunk beds like standard, trundle, L-shaped, novelty, and triple. The style also influence the costs like traditional, rustic, country, modern, and industrial.  The standard design with traditional style need less material to make it, so it may has the cheapest price.

Triple design and modern or rustic style need much material whether wood or metal so it has the highest price. However, those design and style also will be influenced by the sive of bed frame.

How much do built in bunk beds cost by your self?

If you have your own imagination about a good bunk bed, you can make it by yourself. Explore and realize your creativity with your own bunk bed design for your lovely room or for someone you love.

Before you do your handmade craft, think how much does bunk bed cost handmade? It only starts from $50.00 up to $100.00 for shop the materials and tools that you need. Just look for the tutorial via internet, then you can save more money with handmade bunk bed.           

How much does a doc sofa bunk bed cost?

A doc sofa bunk bed allows you to spend relax time or watching TV on sofa under the loft bed. This kind of bunk bed has upper level bed and lower level futon with various design and style. Sofa bunk bed is commonly built from high quality metal and designed in full size for cople sleeper.

You can buy this item with the price starts from $197.00, a metal sofa bunk bed from DHP collection. There are still various price you can find at stores or online shop.

If so far you ask ‘how much do bunk bed cost?’, the description above is the answer. The standard minimum price of bunk bed is about $120.00 with standard design and classic style. However, whatever the style and design, it is influenced by the quality of the materials. If you want to save your money, you can make your own bunk bed with cheaper cost.


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