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Today’s Casper Mattress has been well-known among the homeowners in many countries, but how much is a Casper mattress? You might be one of the Caasper’s customer or even new comers. Well, it doesn’t matter because you really need to know when you are going to buy new mattress. In this article, we’ll give you some explanations related to Casper brand and their top products.

Buying mattress means buying the quality of your sleep. Price will pay you back on your daily activity in your bed. Regarding to the price of Casper brand collection, you firstly should recognize which best mattress suit to your personal needs.

There is a wide range of mattresses offered to you in different prices and sizes. Then, you must be thinking how much do casper mattresses cost? Let you continue reading below to find out about the construction and the prices of Casper mattress.

Casper Mattress Reviews

If you are questioning how much does a casper mattress cost, it means you already knew the model and construction of Casper mattress, isn’t it? Well, if you need to know more about it, let’s start with the construction. Casper mattresses are all-foam mattresses consisting of four different layers, cover, firmness, feel, and support.

The layers are utilized by 1.5-inch poly foam, 1.5-inch memory foam, 1.5-inch transitional poly foam, and 5.0-inch support poly foam.

In addition, Casper mattresses have a medium feel which means the mattresses are rated at 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. So, how much does a Casper mattress weigh in your opinion? The Casper convey that they design the mattress with a combined 450 pounds for couples and 250 pounds and below for individuals.

However, according to official website owned by Casper, the King size mattress weighs 103 pounds and Queen size mattress weighs 83 pounds.

Casper Mattress – How Much Is A Casper Mattress?

Well, you have known about the Casper mattress from the model and construction as explained above. Casper offers you common mattress sizes which have different prices. So, back to your question, how much is a casper mattress? Well, here are the estimation prices for Casper mattres by size.

The Twin Casper is retailed at $550, the Twin Xl Casper is priced at $600, Full size Casper is priced at $800, the Queen Casper is priced at $950, the King Casper is priced at 1150, as well as the California King Casper is priced at $1550.

So, you have the answer from your question. For more detailed information, please check official website of Casper mattress where you can find further review of how much is a casper mattress cost together with the detailed pictures before you are delivering your cash. However, let’s give you the brief other details of Casper mattress on the warranty. They give you 10-year warranty and 100-night trial period.

Regarding to the discount, the Casper mattress is not available for the discounts yet you get free shipping within 2-day shipping with Amazon. So, now are you clear related to the Casper mattress? Hope this article will be very useful for you before buying the mattress which is really suitable for your personal needs.


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