How Much is A Full Size Bed?

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There are many aspects that have to be considered in choosing a bed including the size. There are twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and california king. Let’s take an example for full size bed. This is suitable for sleeper under 5’9” tall and will be too small for person who is taller than that. Besides, the price that is suitable with the budget of bed also has to be considered. So how much is a full size bed?

Before going to show the price, there is a common question about ful size bed. That is ‘how many cm is a full size bed?’ This common question will be asked when someone want to buy a bed which doesn’t understand the inch measurement.

The right answer is it has 54 inches (137cm) wide, 75 inches (191cm), by width per person 27 inches (68.6cm).

Full size bed at Sleep Number

Now, let’s see the price of full size bed. Actually, there are various price of full size bed depend on the brand, models, quality, and materials. One of companies that stores various comfortable and high quality beds is Sleep Number including full size bed.

So how much is a full size Sleep Number bed? The description below will answer this question.

 There are 6 beds of Sleep Number collection stored. They are c2 and c4 classic series, p5 performance series, i7 innovation series, i8 innovation series, and iLE innovation series.

Those are have optional features like SleepIQ technology and FlexFit Adjustable Bases for c2, c4, p5 and iLE. And for i7 innovation, and i8 innovation have only FlexFit Adjustable for optional features.

The lower price is c2 at $699.99 with its features DualAiradjustability, 8” profile, and soft breathable knit fabric. iLe has the highest price at $4,424.99 with many features. It has DualAiradjustability, temperature balancing sleep surface, 14” profile, 3 exclusive comfort layer .

This limited edition bed is made from luxurious soft knit fabric. After seeing the price of full size bed, may be you ask about how much is a king size bed? or how much is a queen size bed?

Here are the answer for two lastes questions. There are 8 beds stored at Sleep Number with the lowest price 1,399.99 and the highest $5,699.00. For queen bed stored at Sleep Number, there are 8 beds with various price. The price of these bed is $899.99 up to $4,999.00 with many comfortable features in it.

How much is a king size tempurpedic bed

now, we turn to tempur-pedic company which stores many stuff of bed and bedding. The price is influenced by features and firmness level. The firmness levels are extra firm, medium firm, medium, medium soft, soft, extra soft, and softest. The prices start from $2,499.00 up to $5,099.00.

Those are the prices you can find at Sleep Number and Tempurpedic. The size of bed of course will influence the price besides the material, model, and brand. So how much is a full size bed? Its cheaper than queen or king size bed in the same brand, model, and material.

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