How to Choose Low Profile Bunk Beds for Kids

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Bunk beds are practical option to help people who have limited space. It helps your kids to sleep in one room or to let your guest sleep comfortably. The bunk bed has been popular from long decades ago for military barracks. Today these beds are used for college dormitories, sailors and summer camps. With many kinds of styles, bunk beds come to be new styles among homeowners.

It is practical and flexible. Apart from that, bunk beds often cause injury for kids since they are more active during their sleep. That’s why picking the right bunk beds are really important.

The low profile bunk beds are the most favorite due to its safety and easiness to move. Somehow, Looking for the best one is not that easy. Here some guides to prevent you from disappointment.

How to Choose the Perfect Models of Low Profile Bunk Beds for Kids

Consider Your Kids’ Age

In fact, it is much trickier than we think. Kids are growing but your bunk beds don’t! They are growing so fast and you need to change the bunk beds sooner. Therefore we suggest you buy the bunk beds that are designed for adults.

It is somehow less interesting than kids-designed, but you still can modify the room as your kids want. You have dolls, nice rugs and excellent wall painting will save the room style anyway. Don’t put too many worries about that.

Just buy the low profile twin bunk beds or the low profile bunk beds with stairs and the problem solved.

Pick the Bunk Beds with Guardrails Instead

Kids use to roll over or fall out of bed. The low profile bunk beds with guardrails are safer to prevent injury. The 5-inch guardrails installed in both side will save your kids from rolling out of bed.

Besides, the mattresses also cause your kids to fall out when it doesn’t fit with the bed frame. That’s why you need to read the safety label on the bunk.

Buying adult bunk beds will save your kids from falling down due to their weight. Most kids bunk beds will not support too many weights. Here is how the adult bunk beds work. Besides, you save your money for the future.

Measure the Space

Most importantly, measure the space before buying the bunk beds to help you decide what type of bunk beds that fits your needs the most. It is better to pick the low profile bunk beds with stairs to save the space.

Feature You Need the Most

There are a number of bunk beds that supports several features. For example storage.If your kids have a lot of smalls stuff, small storage will help them to arrange it. Keep in mind that the excellent feature included, the higher cost you should pay.

The One With Extra Space

The low profile bunk beds with extra space, like low profile bunk beds with trundle will be a perfect choice, moreover when you love cuddling and reading a book with kids before sleeping.

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