How to Refurbish Old Wooden Bed Frames Correctly

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Having old wooden bed frames can sometimes be a boon. The fact that wooden bed frames will be a critical point to your bedroom. Here, the old wooden frame can spice up the look with nice arrangements. Vintage style, for example!

Anyway, one thing you should do faster is refurbishing the wooden frame to get the new look which will ease you to fit your home style. Such kind of procedure should be well-done as it is not an easy job. Some tips bellow could help you.

How To Refurbish Old Wooden Bed Frames by Yourself


Clean the Dirt and Your Things

Make sure you remove all linens, box spring, and mattress from the bed frames. It is recommended to refurbish it in another room (like in the garage or covered patio). This will ease you to disassemble the bed frame and protect yourself from the stinky smell.

Another most important thing to note is to use cleaner. We recommend you to use water and vinegar to get rid of the odors and germs. Make sure you check the bed frames whether it has bed bugs or not. If it so, you need to apply bug spray. don’t forget to wipe your old wooden bed frames to remove the residue.

Repair All the Damaged Parts

If you find any cracks, fill in using a wood filter, or you should replace it with a new piece of wood. Don’t paint the old wooden bed frames until it’s 24 hours. Let the glue, wood putty, and filler dry well. Once you have done, scrub the entire frame using sand paper to remove any excess filler and wood putty. You can use electric sander as well. For finishing, wipe the wood using a damp cloth to get rid of the dust.

Start to Paint or Stain

Painting and staining will depend on the old wooden bed frames look you desire.

Painting Procedure

If you prefer painting the bed frame, you can apply multiple primer coating. It is suggested to use a paint sprayer to help you finish the job quicker rather than using the brush or a roller. Once you have done, apply multiple layers of paint.

Staining the Bed Frame

Before you do staining procedure, apply pre-stain conditioner, then apply the stain following the polyurethane to protect the stain. Make sure you follow the instruction well. Once you have done, let you old wooden bed frames dry over night.

After having your wooden bed frames refurbished, over the times, your bed frames must have musty smells which of course disturb your sleep. You can apply several tips bellow.

Wood Soap

There are many wood soap that can kill germs and bacteria inside the wood. This is a must-have product for you who live in high humidity.

Place the Bed Frames under the Sun

Humidity is the main culprit to fight off. The sun exposures will dry out the wood and remove the musty smells.

Note: those two procedures above can be applied before you refurbish the old wooden bed frames.

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