Mail Order Mattress Reviews

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Mail-order mattress has been popular recently. Due to the ease of delivery service, many people prefer to choose their new mattress through online service. Well, mail order mattress reviews will be available here for you who want to change your old mattress into new and good one. Buying the mattress from the stores directly will exactly make you exhausted due to the weight of mattress makes you tired.

Just imagine, coming to the store, walking around the showroom mattress, searching for the affordable price, and then you bought it, as well as you bring it to your home by yourself. Wow, it will be really your big day. That’s why mail order is the best solution right now.

Mail Order Mattress Reviews

There will be many stories when you choose mail order mattress. This style of delivering mattress means that you don’t know yet the real mattress you have ordered. Well, it sounds so surprising! Regarding to mail order mattress reviews, some customers say they got satisfaction of the mattress along with the service. In other hands, some say that they had been disappointed due to the mattress didn’t match to their bed.

Well, in my opinion, satisfaction and disappointment of the mail order mattress depends on which store and mattress brand you choose. Speaking of the stores, each of them have their own policy and marketing strategy. Nevertheless, you can search for good mattress brand firstly before ordering the mattress through the mail. Be sure that you found trusted official online store which provides you live chat.

There you can give question related to the mattress you need including the quality of mattress and other details. For further mail order mattress reviews, here we provide you comparison of mattress brands.

Best Mail Order Mattress Brands Comparison

Selecting the mattress without coming to stores sometimes makes you doubt and not sure. Well, don’t be afraid because there are four popular mattress brands which are recommended for you to do mail order such as Casper, Leesa, Tuft&Needle, and also Saatva. Here is order mail mattress reviews start with Casper.

The Casper’s support is good with 4 foam layers, has the firmness is 6-7 out of 10, and designed in 9.5-inch. Leesa’s support is very good with 3 foam layers. It has firmness 6 out of 10 and is designed in 10-inch.

Tuft&Needle’s support is good within 2 foam layers. It has firmness 6-6.5 out of 10 and is designed in 10-inch. Meanwhile Saatva’s support is very good within 2 spring layers and euro style pillow top. It has 3 tiers of firmness, soft, neutral, and firm.

Well, Casper is priced at $550-$1,150 without discount, Leesa is priced at $525-$1,070 with $75 off, Tuft&Needle is priced at $400-$900, and Saatva is priced at $599-$1399. They have 10 years warranty and 100 days trial period for Casper, Leesa, and Tuft&Needle. Meanwhile, Saatva has 15 years warranty and 120 days trial period.

Regarding to best order mail mattress reviews, they offer return policy within full money back and take mattress for free exclude the Saatva. If you purchase Saatva mattress and want to return it back, they will give you full money back except for $99 delivery fee and come to take mattress.


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