Most Attractive Baby Cribs That Turn Into Toddler Beds Creatively

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Are you looking for the most attractive baby cribs that turn into toddler beds creatively? Reusing the old baby cribs will make you minimize the outcome. As known, your baby will grow fast and it will lead you to have toddler beds.

When you have an old baby crib, it will be creative to turn it into an attractive toddler bed. Of course, it will not reduce the comfort and relaxed feeling for your beloved toddlers.

Do you wonder to have that reusing one? Here, we show you the most attractive baby crib that turns into a toddler bed for a toddler bed creatively. It will give a brilliant function for that kind of furniture sets.

Crib Conversion for Lovely Playhouse

Who says that a bed must be that kind of standard bed? Converting your old baby crib into a lovable playhouse bed design is interesting and creative. You can turn that crib simply upside and down.

Nail the crib on the wall continued by placing the mattress on the beneath. Here, you need to remove its guardrails at the one side. You can obtain the lovable playhouse for beloved kids.

Of course, making baby cribs that convert into toddler beds attractive is important. It is interesting to give roof-like a house by giving certain color. As here, the use of cream and white for the playhouse design is more interesting combined with peach and pink bedding sets. Your kids will get a comfortable feeling and safe usage of that toddler bed as Playhouse.

Decorating Toddler Bed with Open Crib

Commonly, a crib will have closed safety to ensure your baby safe. However, when you want to turn the crib into a comfortable toddler bed, you need to remove one or two sides of the hedges of the old crib. It will give free space on the bed. However, you can still ensure the safety with other hedges on the other sides.

Changing your baby bedroom into your toddler will need some theme to remodel. Play with certain cartoon theme to make your baby crib that turns into toddler bed attracted in the room. Well, the black and red Mickey and Minnie mouse give interesting bedroom. The wooden crib design is simple but it is very great to set with your kid bunk bed.

Creating Full-Size Bed Crib

Turning an old crib for full sized bed will enhance the function. You can set it as your toddler bed comfortably. Removing two sides of the old crib will be more valuable to get into a modern and simple bed. The crib converting into the bed will look incredible by setting the bed sets. Here, you can give comfort with the cozy bedding sheets.

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Remodeling the full-size bed crib for your toddler is like here. Changing it with the frog, those in the park will give colorful nuance. Additionally, getting some colorful bedding sets will make your baby cribs that turn into toddler beds look more attractive.

Yeah, never forget with the decoration surrounding. You can enhance the soft room to be something pretty with that full-size bed with crib design.

Now, what do you think of your old crib? Turning your bed crib into the attractive toddler bedding sets is interesting. Some creative baby cribs that turn into toddler beds will inspire you very much.

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