Bed bugs will be the most crucial problem to fight for. It is annoying and difficult to get rid even though you use a steamer to kill all the sources. But, bed bugs are bedbugs. They jump over the clothes, furniture, mattresses, rugs, and carpets. You probably are sure enough to get the house clean from bed bugs.

But the problems come again once your family member brings it from outside, so you should welcome the bed bugs again. Feeling terrified? That’s why your best Big Lots beds and mattresses will not work! You need another one, a companion that can prevent your bed from the problems. It may be the Big Lots bed bug mattress cover. Thank’s for that!

Another problem to have with the bed is when you have toddlers. They make a mess every day. They pee and spill the milk and foods. You cannot prevent this excepting providing a special mattress. Thanks for Big Lots toddler bed mattress that save your day helping your heavy duty.

So, now your job should get a little help from Big Lots. Here are our best recommendation for Big Lots bed and mattress kits that help you fix your daily stressful job.

Waterproof Queen Mattress Cover

Once you have purchased the Big Lots beds and mattresses keep in mind to have the Big Lots bed bug mattress cover. This Waterproof Queen Mattress Cover is one of the best items you can buy with $13.00. It saves your money since now you can have a Big Lots bed mattress with the waterproof mattress protector.It protects your bed from spills and stains.

The cover fits 12″ deep with elastic material to help you remove the cover when you want to wash it. Besides, the top side is very soft which you will never feel the acomfortable night. It is machine washable and easy to care.

Just Home King Waterproof Mattress Cover

Another Big Lots Beds and Mattresses come with Just Home King Waterproof Mattress Cover. It costs $18 that fits for King size bed. This cover helps you protect your bed from bed bugs and spilling. The mattress cover fits up to12″ deep with comfortable fabric let you sleep comfortably without noise when you move your sleep position.

It is elastic and helps you to make quick changing when it is dirty. The maintenance is easier with machine washable. The material is 100% polyester.

Just Home Zippered Waterproof Twin Mattress Cover

Is having the Twin bed? You probably need the Just Home Zippered Waterproof Twin Mattress Cover. It costs $7, cheap enough for excellent protection.  This is made of vinyl material offering you nice comfort during the sleep. Having toddlers now is not a problem because it is waterproof and yet still feel cool when you sleep on.

Featured with a zipper, the mattress cover helps you protect the bed from bed bugs with 12″ deep. Cleaning the protector is really easy. You just need a damp cloth to clean the stains and spills. Interested?


Today, there are many types and designs of bunk beds that can separate when it is needed to be separated. This type of bed is perfect for both siblings and relatives occasionally. You can imagine when your house is full of family and relatives in such event, they need to rest for a while. Then, bunk beds that separates into singles are already available at your house. This is such their luck.


However, whatever you need, you are provided a wide range of styles and designs of bunk beds includingbunk beds that can be separated canada can be your reference before buying. They are quiet unique style and design. They also have characteristics on the coloration and finishes.basically, bunk bed is made of wood or metal. It depends on your option. The price is started from $200 up to higher price.

In addition, there is more interesting bunk beds that can be separated uk which provides you new characters as well. The coloration and finishes have no difference with canada style. However, it provides you eclectic and rustic bunk bed with wooden base. The design of ladder is vary following the height of bed pilars. Otherwise, you may ask for special design.

Bunk bed that can separate is actually a new trend of former bunk bed. Children or even adults can be justice in sleeping problem. If they are two of girls, it might be easy to divide them between upper bed and under bed.

If they are one boy and one girl, it should be boy getting upper side. However, bunk beds that separate into single can be a solution for them when they get a children problem in the bedroom.

Bunk Beds That Separate Uk

In addition, you can look at more on sites of bunk beds that separate uk which is available for online purchase as well. But, how if you have three children in the same ages? Well, you have another choice into three bunk beds into one side.

It has three stages of beds. They can be divided based on their ages who sleep under the first bed and so on.

Having three or more children is quiet tiring right? You can teach them to keep their things by themselves through putting bunk beds that separate with storage which lead them to do themselves.

For example, putting their toys, books, or anything else. Well, when they are in a problem such attaching one of each other, bunk beds that you can separate is the best solution. You may place lower bed in another side.

Speaking about the durability, metal bunk beds that can be separated is the answer probably. It is quiet stronger than wood even more when your children playing on the bed together with their siblings. Oh Gosh, you know what will happen if it is not durable bunk beds.

So, you can choose twin bunk beds that can separate if they are only two children. When you are looking for this bed, they probably have different taste. So, it is better you are the one who can get twin over twin bunk beds that can be separated to prevent something happen in the bedroom.

Low loft beds for adults provide your new brand and design for comfortable sleeping at night. No matter how old you are, this low loft bed is perfect at any age of adults including you probably. Now the bedding ideas like low loft beds full size for the adult is conjured into one item.

The variation of low loft beds provides all solid wood construction such as the ladder, bed, storage, and desk in one loft. Discover all the types and design of this low loft beds with mini accessories underneath.

The Appearance Of Low Loft Beds In Details

Many designs of loft bed you should visit on sites which may be perfect with your choice. One of them is low loft beds for adults in full size. It means carrying the concept all in one this accessories consist of 1 loft bed on the top, and 1 other side is the bottom.

On the top position is bed frame which has length and width for adult size is standard. The average of bed frame size is 10 inch” above the top of the mattress.

This wooden bed frame is completed by the extra safety rails. The amount of installed rail can be varied. How many sides does rectangle have? This loft beds also has four sides which are equal. The other side is bottom are which is available space for relaxation. Even though this area is limited, at least you can use this space for doing activities.

The appearance of the low loft beds with desk are made of wood with several shapes. For example, U desk shape, L desk shape, even it is designed without the desk. It is recommended to get L shape desk. Because it provides more space to move even you can place any devices. Well, the lack is u shape table, for some adult’s sight, the U desk shape is childlike.

But it is also benefits for you whatever it looks likes. The size F the desk has the variation with a short bookshelf. The variation of the desk designs can be adjusted to your needs. Otherwise, you will get false in the installation of this bedding set.

Low Loft Beds With Stairs

Not every design provides long shelf with long desk. It can be also a short desk with long bookshelf. In addition, the desk installed underneath can be your working space completed with armchair.

Meanwhile, another option is low loft beds with stairs which give you more space as the bed for sleeping. It is designed from wood and also metal. It provides you cabinetry storage and also combined with the desk for working.

Speaking of the color, low loft beds for adults is available in a wide range of scheme colors such as dark brown, light brown, white with shading, pink, and much more. However, you should be selective in choosing bunk bed for you due to your characteristics differ from childhood.

Make sure that before you go buying one unit of the bunk bed, check the detailed information including the material base, design with protective rails and ladder, color, or even warranty.


What is exactly a platform bed? And do platform beds need a boxspring? First to know is a platform bed. It is precisely a bed frame with head and foot board. It has many wood slats running side to side. They are preferably no more than 3 inches apart which is aimed to provide proper support to your bed or mattress. Even, traditional bed can also own wood slats only 1-3 just to support a foundation or box spring.

So, do platform beds have a box spring? The answer is probably yes they have a box spring which is used as a foundation to the mattress or bed. The word of boxsrping is actually such a misnomer due to not all beds use springs. Foundation is now used most of the beds which is to support them. It can be made of wood and also metal.

Do Platform Beds Need A Boxspring?

Well, back to the main question above. Just look at the options you have here. Whenever you need a mattress or bed, you can put it on the floor. That is the first option. It gives you proper support to your bed. So, in this case do platform beds use a boxspring? Of course, box spring is changed with the direct floor. Actually, it is not looking do nice and as sanitary since you are on this floor.

Another option is that you can put your bed on a boxspring. It is to support the bed needs and usually used in conjunction with a bed frame. It is aimed to keep everything off your floor. Move to another choice.

You are allowed to use a platform bed which is very popular in Europe especially bedroom for men. It consist of platform surface which is made of solid or slats. So back to the question, do platform beds need a boxspring? Well, you don’t need boxspring when your mattress goes directly on your bed.

Do You Need A Boxspring For Platform Beds?

So, do you need a boxspring? Well, once again it depends on your option. As explained above that you can put mattress anywhere you prefer. However, it might be necessary you put a boxspring to your platform beds to support the firm of your bed. Then, does a platform bed frame need a boxspring? It depends on your need precisely! If you think it is comfortable for you, then you may use a boxspring on your bed platform.

Does a platform bed need a boxspring? The answer probably not at all because your platform is already supporting your mattress. In other hand, you can use a boxspring to make you more comfortable when you are sleeping.

Does my platform bed need a boxspring?

To answer this question, you should look back again to your bed style whether it is traditional or not. If it does exist already the platform, you may or may not need a boxspring. However you may need it when it is winter and spring.

Well, with a platform bed do you need a boxspring? If it is making you comfortable using boxspring, you can put it under your mattress to more support the bed.

Well, if you are right now taking care of your parents or elderly, this is the best time for you to be aware of their back pain (if they suffer from it). Here is available for them, best bed for bad back which is the best solution to heal or release their pain. Surely it is painful when people got bad back because they cannot move or even walk very well. Check these tips how to choose best bad.

Best Bed For Bad Back Advice

The first is choose hard or firm mattress because it is truly useful for back. If the mattress is too soft, it supports more pain in the back. Seriously! False the myth that you can use a wooden board is erroneous. Nevertheless, hard or firm mattress puts too much pressure on the shoulders and the pelvic area.

This is also best bed for back and hip pain which should be supported with firm bed and sleepers stomach is also necessary.

The next tip is buying one mattress for life. What does it mean? Well, illegal life expectancy of the mattress is 10 years, or 3650 nights. However, the need to change the mattress may come sooner if it has sagged.

You must pay attention to keep the mattress clean and looks new because this is good for the condition. Another tip is on the thickness choice of mattress which serves longer. And then, the namatranik makes sleep more comfortable and this is the best bed for back and neck pain as well.

Best Bed For Bad Backs

In addition, mattress from latex, foam polyurethane and spring blocks are different by quality. Well, a good bed is actually expensive. So, you are recommended to pick up the mattress with bed bases which is really comfortable for elderly.

The standard width of the bed varies from 140 to 180cm. It depends on the height and weight of those who will sleep on it. The wider the bed, the better it gets enough sleep. Evenmore, best bed for bad backs really should be indeed comfortable place for the elderly sleeping.

The spring base comes to the spring mattress. Lath base – latex, polyurethane, or spring. The easiest way to avoid mistakes is to buy a set of one brand. In this case, the mattress and bed will be exactly the same to each other. This is also the best bed for bad lower back if you find it correctly by trying to lie down when you buy the mattress.

Well, when you are in the store directly selecting the bed, you should try firstly. It is important that the surface is soft, and support is tight. The body must fully touch the mattress. If there is a gap in the kidney area, it means that the mattress is too hard. And if the elbow fails, when you rely on it, the mattress is too soft. Test bed is preferable in light clothing.

Correct position of the body – when your spine is fully straightened. If it bends, it indicates the excessive softness of the mattress. Hope you can find best bed for bad backwhich can prevent the elderly from back pain during sleeping.