Air mattresses are mostly used for camping experience and it is easy to choose it to be used for a couple nights. But if you want to use air mattresses for everyday, you have to be more careful in choosing it. The material used to make these mattresses must be durable and high in quality.

Besides, the size is very important to fit the mattress with the room will be placed. So there are some criteria and examples of best air bed for everyday use.

To choose air bed for everyday use, it does not mean to choose the expensive one. The most important to be considered is size and material. The inflatable design and well-known manufacturer also take a big role to the comfort of the bed.

Before buying this item, you have to test the mattress so you don’t get any disappointment for the next time.

The basic material of air bed is PVC plastic and for everyday use, heavier material is considered to be chosen. Besides, the good air pump is very important seeing that the air bed will never be apart with this item.

Bed size and height also have to be considered in choosing everyday use air mattress like other kind of bed. It has twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. If you want to take it for couple who sleep on it, choosing the queen size is enough.

 Best queen air mattress for everyday use

There are many models, brands, and price of air mattresses for everyday use that are available at stores. The most important thing is not the price because the expensive one is not always the best one for everyday use.

Here will be described one of the best queen air mattresses that are suitable for spending night more than couple days. Let’s check this out.

Inter Deluxe Pillowrest Raised Comfort in queen size

Inter Deluxe Pillowrest Raised Comfort is one of the best queen air beds you can considered to buy. It is easy to be moved and very suitable for homeowners, campers, or guests at your home. It comes with a duffel bag which can store the mattress away for the future. With reasonably priced airbed at $49.99, you can buy this item.

This item comes with a built-in electric pump that will not take a long time to deflate it. It can be inflated and deflated as the user want to set the most comfortable firm to sleep by adjustable button on the side of the mattress.

It is easily to hold two adults because it has capacity of 300 pounds. So, never be doubt, choose this one of the best air beds for everyday use.

Never forget the criteria that must be considered to buy air mattresses. The best for camping one is not always the best for sleeping every night in months or years. Choose it by considering the material, design, pump, and of course the size. That is the little review and an example about the best air beds for everyday use. Just decide now and happy shopping!

Are your kids getting bored with his old bunk beds? Give the new sensation and a cheerful touch with bed tents for bunk beds. Bed tents are sold in stores with various colors, models, and brands. You can suit the models, shapes, colors, and materials with your room or depend on what your kids like.

Bed tents for bunk beds are usually designed for children to cheer them up and explore their imagination while doing activities in the room. The shapes can be a house, castle, transportation, or park. There are also the shapes of regular tent or with the touch of canopy shapes. Bed tents for twin bunk beds are usually sold with its bed frame but it is also possibly sold separately.

Some examples of bed tents for bunk beds available at stores

Bring your sons’ room into a fun play area with Boy’s Bed Fire Department Curtain Set. It will explore her imagination to be a hero as a firefighter with its motive of the tent. It has covering hiding place for very neat storages and can be used as a play area. Having a slide or storage steps is very suitable to the children. You can buy this bed tent with $60.97.

Another bed tent is Laugh Girl Twin over Twin Slat Slide Tent Bunk Bed which is sold with its bunk beds. It provides cheerful house sensation for kids plus the slide that can be used as play ground in the room. The curtains are available in two feminine colors you can choose for your lovely daughters.

The lower bunk will be feels inside the house and for the higher feels on top of the house. It costs from $1,618.00 up to $2,016.00.

How to make a bed tent for bunk beds

The first step to do is making preparation by measuring of the bed frame, the circumstance of it. Measure the distance of the top to the ceiling for making where the curtain panel is going to fall. If one side bed against the wall, you don’t need measuring this side because it does need the falling panels.

The next thing to do is beginning the assembly by adding half an inch of measurement you made for seams. Press display side, sew and line curtain using a sewing machine to make a straight seam complete around the edges.

The third step is fitting the curtain rail above the bed frame by making holes for accommodating the screws. It requires two curtain rails side by side at the center point of the ceiling above the bed. Ensure that they do not hinder each other.

The last step is hanging the curtain panels. Let the curtain drop and cut Velcro strips about 3 inches long. Then slide them beneath the hanging panels at the foot of bed.

Those are choice that you can decide whether to buy or make bunk bed tents by yourself. If you like practice things just buy it at stores. But if you want the cheaper one and explore your creativity, just make it with simple way. Keep your bedroom to be the beautiful place for your relax time.


A taller youth or adult need more space to sleep than twin bed size like twin XL size. Twin XL bed size is the best size to be fitted in the room of the students in the college dorm. The size is not too tight as twin size but not too spacious like full size.

It has 39 inches wide x 80 inches long that is 5 inches longer than twin bed. It is also important to use twin XL loft bed frame to maximize the room for one or two person in it.

Many students in dorm know this bed frame and love using it because it remains the privacy with separated bed. With bunk bed frame can minimize the space so that they can use another space to do many activities. Moreover, nowadays the models, materials, colors, and prices of bunk bed frame is very various and attractive.

If you want to make a dorm for students or just for your youth kid, you can choose this bed. Here will be described some loft beds and bunk beds you can consider to buy with twin XL size.

Twin XL loft bed frame

One of many aspects that make loft bed interesting is the components that follow it. This bed is usually completed with another function like Arched Mission Style that is provided by Factory collection. With $1,067.00, you’ll get an XL twin loft bed with bookcase in the end of the bed and side ladder.

It has 96-1/2” long, 42-5/8” wide, 71” high to top frame, 51” under loft and safety fits mattress until 10.5”.

Another model of twin XL loft bed is L154 Frontier style which is completed with desk, 5 drawer, and cubby. It has 85-1/2” including stairs, 44-1/8” wide, 71” high, 51” under loft, and safely fits mattress up to 10.5” high. The total price of this bed frame is $1,525 for loft bed $627, desk $299, drawers $499, and cubby $99.

Twin XL bunk bed frame

B111 Windsor style is the common models of bunk bed twin XL over twin XL used in many dorms. It has 85-1/4” long, 42-5/8” wide, 71” high to top of frame, and safely fits mattress up to 10.5” high. There are 13 colors that are available for this model. The price for this bed frame is $1,057.00.

B105 XL Princess Style is the right one for two youths with flair of curvy top panels gives feminine touch. It has 85-1/2” long, 42-1/2” wide, 72-1/2” high to top frame, and safely fits mattress up to 10.5” high. The total of this bed frame is $1,106 for XL twin bunk bed $857 and XL twin trundle bed $249.there are 12 colors you can choose that are available.

Well, whether you want to buy for dorms or for your kids, choose the right model. It is depend on needs, who will be sleep on it and which is the suitable one for the room. Those are some descriptions of twin XL loft bed frame that will help you to consider what model to buy.

 Nutribulle is a fruit randvegetable breake with the high technology and easy to careshap e. It has unique extractor blade twist in every blend cups, so that the blended food can be drunk directly. It is very easy, pleasing and save the time without pouring the drink into another vessel.

This is the right one to start healthy live with very busy life nowadays. You can buy Nutribullet at Bed Bath and Beyond.

 There are many types of Nutribullet stored at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are Nutribullet rx, Nutribullet pro, and Nutribullet lean. Not only the breaker, Nutribullet also provides healthy food for diet.

They are Boost Plant Protein and Fiber Blend, Superfood Fat Burning Boost, Superfood Protein Blend, Superfood Superboost.

Nutribullet accessories Bed Bath and Beyond

The accessories of Nutribullet consist of cups and other stuff, and also healthy food. One of them is nutribullet replacement parts Bed Bath and Beyond Magic Bullet with 5 piece. It includes an extractor blade, a tall cup, a short cup, a handle lip ring, a regular lip ring.

And for the food, they are superfood superboost, superfood cleansing greens, superfood fast burning boost, and superfood protein blend. It is also completed with health transformation guide for healthy maximizing the food and drink we eat.

Nutribullet pro at Bed Bath and Beyond for your healthy life

Magic Bullet Nutribullet Pro 900 series is available at Bed Bath and Beyond with IDR 1,432,900. This breaker has 900 watt motor that can break though foods like wheat grass, turmeric root, ginger root, kale, etc. It has 32oz.colossal cup, 24 z.tall cup and flip-top to go lid that make you easy to bring drink outside. It is also completed with user manual, and pocket nutritionist.

The vessel of this Pro 900 is enough for 4 cups. Get this item, drink and eat healthy food with your family.

Magic Bullet Nutribullet RX Nature’s Prescription Superfood Nutrition

This type of Nutribullet has 1700 watt motor to break and blend ingredients to extract 95% nutrients of food. It uses auto stop/start automatically from Smart Technology programming that will keep the temperature of food. It has 42oz. handle colossal cup, 30oz. cup, L soup pitcher, pitcher lid, stay-fresh re-sealable lid, and comfort lip ring.

This item is constructed by plastic and metal in black color. You can buy it with IDR 2,579,300.

Nutribullet Lean 32 Oz. Multi-Function Blender.

Another type of Nutribullet series you can find at Bed Bath and Beyond is Nutribullet Lean 32 Oz. Multifunction Blender. This blender uses MacroBlast technology featured with doctor-developed Macro-Stacking. It has 1,200 watt power with two speed setting to blend everything you need.

This set includes flip top lid, 32 oz. oversized mug, high torque power base, lip ring, short cup, etc. Get this item with IDR 1,862,800.

There are still many Nutribullet series you can choose at Bed Bath and Beyond. Those are some example that will make you clearer in considering what kind of blender you want to buy. Be healthy and start healthy life with Nutribullet at Bed Bath and Beyond.

There are many aspects that have to be considered in choosing a bed including the size. There are twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and california king. Let’s take an example for full size bed. This is suitable for sleeper under 5’9” tall and will be too small for person who is taller than that. Besides, the price that is suitable with the budget of bed also has to be considered. So how much is a full size bed?

Before going to show the price, there is a common question about ful size bed. That is ‘how many cm is a full size bed?’ This common question will be asked when someone want to buy a bed which doesn’t understand the inch measurement.

The right answer is it has 54 inches (137cm) wide, 75 inches (191cm), by width per person 27 inches (68.6cm).

Full size bed at Sleep Number

Now, let’s see the price of full size bed. Actually, there are various price of full size bed depend on the brand, models, quality, and materials. One of companies that stores various comfortable and high quality beds is Sleep Number including full size bed.

So how much is a full size Sleep Number bed? The description below will answer this question.

 There are 6 beds of Sleep Number collection stored. They are c2 and c4 classic series, p5 performance series, i7 innovation series, i8 innovation series, and iLE innovation series.

Those are have optional features like SleepIQ technology and FlexFit Adjustable Bases for c2, c4, p5 and iLE. And for i7 innovation, and i8 innovation have only FlexFit Adjustable for optional features.

The lower price is c2 at $699.99 with its features DualAiradjustability, 8” profile, and soft breathable knit fabric. iLe has the highest price at $4,424.99 with many features. It has DualAiradjustability, temperature balancing sleep surface, 14” profile, 3 exclusive comfort layer .

This limited edition bed is made from luxurious soft knit fabric. After seeing the price of full size bed, may be you ask about how much is a king size bed? or how much is a queen size bed?

Here are the answer for two lastes questions. There are 8 beds stored at Sleep Number with the lowest price 1,399.99 and the highest $5,699.00. For queen bed stored at Sleep Number, there are 8 beds with various price. The price of these bed is $899.99 up to $4,999.00 with many comfortable features in it.

How much is a king size tempurpedic bed

now, we turn to tempur-pedic company which stores many stuff of bed and bedding. The price is influenced by features and firmness level. The firmness levels are extra firm, medium firm, medium, medium soft, soft, extra soft, and softest. The prices start from $2,499.00 up to $5,099.00.

Those are the prices you can find at Sleep Number and Tempurpedic. The size of bed of course will influence the price besides the material, model, and brand. So how much is a full size bed? Its cheaper than queen or king size bed in the same brand, model, and material.