Rules to Follow When Buying 3 Bunk Beds With Stairs

Back in the past centuries, the 3 bunk beds with stairs often used in ships for the ones who participated in trades. Today we see them again as an alternative choice of bedding which you can use it for 3 persons in a room. It provides you simple solution with three children in a house, but you have limited room for them.

With so many designs and styles you can find on the market, some principles bellow need to be studied.

How to Choose the Right 3 Bunk Beds with Stairs

Measure the Space

Knowing the space will be very important before buying the 3 bunk beds with stairs. Having the 3 bunks in a room doesn’t mean can save your space. The measurements also include the height of the room which your banks will reach the ceilings. It is due to the space needed between the top mattress of the bunk for the purpose of avoiding injury during sitting. Make sure it has 2-3 feet of height for children beds.

Pick the Right Material

The 3 bunk beds with stairs often come in wooden and metal materials. They are all available in various styles and price ranges. The metal bunk beds come to be a less expensive item but it sometimes can hurt the children. Even, when something happens to the bed, it is very difficult to repair.

Otherwise, the wooden bunk beds have various types of wood materials including oak, maple, cherry and pine. They are typically easier to repair and can be a comfortable item when it is designed and finished properly.

Pick Laders That Feature Storage

Thinking about saving the space, the 3 bunk beds with stairs with storage features will be very useful, especially when the users have a lot of clothing. Pick the bottom bed that is free-moving so you can set the storage space as you need.

The movable stepladder will be very helpful, but not children which they are actively moving. This will damage your kids. Hence, the built-in ladder will be very safe.

Mattresses Matter

The sprung mattresses are perfect for kids since they don’t need much support. The sprung mattress includes memory foam which is moe durable and comfortable for kids neck and spine. Make sure it has a 4-inch thickness between the core of mattress and the user.

Plan Your Budget

As we have explained, the budget will determine the quality of your bunk beds. For the low-cost budget can buy the metal material which will be troublesome as it is broken. It is different with the wooden bunk beds that are easy to maintenance, but you should be willing spending much money for that.

Besides, you might find more bed bugs in your wooden bunks. Be wise when maintaining them.

Trundle or Not Trundle?

Our purpose of having the 3 bunk beds with stairs is to save space. Adding trundle somehow will eat more space. At the same time, the short ceilings will be troublesome for you. The trundle will be a new solution which you add it underneath the bed and it will allow 3 people to sleep in the same room.


Having old wooden bed frames can sometimes be a boon. The fact that wooden bed frames will be a critical point to your bedroom. Here, the old wooden frame can spice up the look with nice arrangements. Vintage style, for example!

Anyway, one thing you should do faster is refurbishing the wooden frame to get the new look which will ease you to fit your home style. Such kind of procedure should be well-done as it is not an easy job. Some tips bellow could help you.

How To Refurbish Old Wooden Bed Frames by Yourself


Clean the Dirt and Your Things

Make sure you remove all linens, box spring, and mattress from the bed frames. It is recommended to refurbish it in another room (like in the garage or covered patio). This will ease you to disassemble the bed frame and protect yourself from the stinky smell.

Another most important thing to note is to use cleaner. We recommend you to use water and vinegar to get rid of the odors and germs. Make sure you check the bed frames whether it has bed bugs or not. If it so, you need to apply bug spray. don’t forget to wipe your old wooden bed frames to remove the residue.

Repair All the Damaged Parts

If you find any cracks, fill in using a wood filter, or you should replace it with a new piece of wood. Don’t paint the old wooden bed frames until it’s 24 hours. Let the glue, wood putty, and filler dry well. Once you have done, scrub the entire frame using sand paper to remove any excess filler and wood putty. You can use electric sander as well. For finishing, wipe the wood using a damp cloth to get rid of the dust.

Start to Paint or Stain

Painting and staining will depend on the old wooden bed frames look you desire.

Painting Procedure

If you prefer painting the bed frame, you can apply multiple primer coating. It is suggested to use a paint sprayer to help you finish the job quicker rather than using the brush or a roller. Once you have done, apply multiple layers of paint.

Staining the Bed Frame

Before you do staining procedure, apply pre-stain conditioner, then apply the stain following the polyurethane to protect the stain. Make sure you follow the instruction well. Once you have done, let you old wooden bed frames dry over night.

After having your wooden bed frames refurbished, over the times, your bed frames must have musty smells which of course disturb your sleep. You can apply several tips bellow.

Wood Soap

There are many wood soap that can kill germs and bacteria inside the wood. This is a must-have product for you who live in high humidity.

Place the Bed Frames under the Sun

Humidity is the main culprit to fight off. The sun exposures will dry out the wood and remove the musty smells.

Note: those two procedures above can be applied before you refurbish the old wooden bed frames.

Bed Frames Near Me – We are suggested to sleep at least 7-8 hours per day to keep the metabolism well. Lack of sleep will result lack of concentration, depression and even some diseases due to the metabolism is disturbed.

The problem of sleeping varies among people. Some of them caused by diseases, stress and the uncomfortable bed. The problem of sleeping sometimes needs a specialist to overcome. It also includes the surrounding, the bed frames, which is very disturbing.

Therefore, buying the appropriate one will help you solve this. But, how? Starting to google by inserting bed frames near me is not the last answer. You have to know several things so you know what is best for your need.

How To Find The Best Bed Frames Near Me

Before deciding your bed frames seller near you, consider that the grocery has two major components bellow:

Know The Type Of Bed Frames

There are several bed frames you have to know. It includes a metal bed frame, platform bed frame four post bed frame, mission bed, futon bed frame and bunk bed frame. Those types function differently. Some of them can be folded and completed with drawers. You can choose one of them that fit your need the most. Besides, don’t forget to pick the one that compliments with your home style.

Construction Material

This is important to ensure that your bed frame will long last. If you are a person who loves moving the furniture, including your bed for redecorating project, then the one that has wheels will be much helpful. Another tip to include is picking the bed frame that uses the screws or dowels to joint the constructions. It is more durable and strong.

After selecting some of the bed frames resellers in your town with those two factors above, you can consider several things here:

Make Comparison

It is crucial to look for more than bed frame reseller in town to make some comparisons. The better thing is by coming to the outlet and you will see how the construction is. Make sure you see the components, material, size and models as well. The comparison then will continue to the price after you have selected your fittest models.

Many people end up with disappointment after their thing arrives at home. It is due to the no-plan and most of them always in love at the model at the first sight they come to the reseller.

One thing that people forget is when they buy bed frames online. They always buy the wrong size. So, if you think purchasing online is a good way, just know every detail of your room and your house. Your bed frame is a focal point in your bedroom. It will define how your room will look.

Check the Warranty

Most people ignore this because they think it doesn’t necessary. Meanwhile, you might face some bad things during the installation or use. The warranty will give you some care, or even change it to the new product as long as the case is not caused by yourself. An example, your bed is broken during the delivery, the company mostly will responsible for this loss.

Their many other factors to find the “bed frames near me” which includes promo and free shipping until installation. It depends on the reseller you visit.



Once a moment, you must ever have bought the wrong pillows. Some of you have the queen bed, then you bought the standard pillow size. On the other hand, you bought the king pillow size for your single bed. In fact, pillow matters the most for your room design, in which it creates a focal point when you arrange it correctly.

Anyway, big pillows for bed is really OK, but when you buy it too big, you just spend your time. Some people forget about the rules how to pick the right pillows, especially the size. Hence, you might need this guide.

Guide To Buy Big Pillows For bed

  • There are several bed sizes which will define your pillow as well.
  • Standard Pillow Size. The standard pillow is 20″x26″. You can arrange the standard pillow on the twin-bed.
  • Queen Pillow Size. It is measured with 20”x30”. It fits a queen bed.
  • King Pillow Size. This is perfect for the king bed. You should wear king pillow for this type.
  • Euro Pillow Size. This measures 26”x26” and it is well-known as the international bedding pillows. Many hotels offer the Euro pillow size on the bed to provide support for the guest to lean of the headboard.

Decorative Pillows

Many interior designers suggest finding the right size for a bed. Even though they come in variant styles, big pillows for bed matter for your sleep comfort. It includes the material which defines your sleep position. It is not just picking the big pillows for a bed to get a super comfort night.

First of all, the luxury pillow is made of goose down. It is more expensive and very comfortable to you, except you have allergies.

For a person who sleeps on the back, the medium firmness will be very good for you as it supports the neck, spine, and head as well. If you sleep on the stomach, you might need a soft and fluffy pillow so your face will get a comfortable position. If you sleep on your side. The firmer bedding pillow will be you best companion.

Tips To Find Your Best Pillow

Big pillows for bed seem very good and nice, but you should consider several things like your sleep position and the size as well. Don’t get fooled by the design except you only want to design the sofa.

If you have just bought the wrong size, like buy the big pillows for bed (the standard bed), you can place standard pillow plus the bolster pillow. These two elements will save your room for getting the wrong design.

Stand up the big pillows, then place the standard pillow on the second layer. After that, lay a bolster pillow at the front. Keep in mind to find you fittest colors which are connected to the wall and your bed as well.

We suggest you buy a pillows case with accents that include your bedroom elements. By this way, the big pillows for bed will not be a waste.



Split Queen Adjustable Bed: Some Benefits You Cannot Resist

When dressing up your rooms, one of the important things you have to consider is a bed. Choosing a bed in your home is back to the personal choice. Moreover, not only the bed you should pay more attention, but also the color of your wall. If your bed and your wall match, it will make your rooms so fascinating.

For instance, if you have a basic pink color in your room, you can try a different shade of pink color for your bed. Split queen adjustable bed may be one of the best recommendations you can place in your room since its benefits; for your partner and yourself as well.

Here Are the Benefits of Split Queen Adjustable Bed That You Cannot Resist

 Relaxation time

By applying this bed in your rooms, it can help you to relax. Some people may get difficulties when they want to watch television while lying in their bed. They should apply multiple pillows on their back to get a comfortable position while watching television.

It no needs to apply such thing when you apply split queen adjustable bed because this bed is design to help you do such things.

Extra comfort

This bed is really comfort. It is also useful for people who have mobility issues such as bedridden for an extended period of time. They have difficulties to move, so they need extra comfortable bedding in their rooms. This split queen adjustable bed makes it easy to adjust a specific part that can really helpful for such people.

Easier positioning

You may find difficulties when getting in or getting out from your bed when you have knee or hip pain. This bedding helps you in overcome such problem. In addition, it will also make people who want to give a help for people who offering care assistance. Because of the easy ways to take care of someone who is in an upright position rather than those who is in lying flat position.

Relocate with ease

It is true that moving bed is not always that easy, especially when you have nobody to help you. However, this split queen adjustable bed can help you to make an easy way to cope with those problems. It is because of the features they gave which is metal frame and motor, that will make you easier to move on the bed when needed.

Zero gravity

This bedding also provides you with zero gravity even if it not truly zero. But the position of sleep that it may provide will help people who suffer a body pain such as the neck, back, and hip that needs pressure point relief.

As you know that choosing to bed is not only about the beautifulness but the important thing if it is good or not to our health. Especially for people who suffer body pain, sleep position may be one of the most crucial things they have to pay attention. When they have better treatment in rest, they will also get better.