Keeping clean the house is not easy as we imagine, if you do it manually. Morevoer, if you have a big house with detail design and many corners in the room, you’ll get more difficulties.

If you so and get a problem with dusts difficult to be cleaned in your house, don’t worry! Throw your manually cleaning and change it with a smart robot that grab dirt effectively even at the corners. Roomba 880 Bed Bath Beyond will make your life easier.

Bed Bath and Beyond store many types of vacuum cleaner from Dyson, Miele, Soniclean, Neato Botvac, Ecovacs, Braava, and Roomba. Those brand has their own specification and unique design to clean the floor greatly. One of the robotics vacuum brands is Roomba which has many types and series.

They have iRobot Roomba 880, 860, 650, 960, 690 Wi-Fi, 980, 380t and completed with many accessories of this robot. Here will be describe one of them, that is iRobot Roomba 880.

iRobo t Roomba 880 bed bath and beyond is the best solution cleaner with round lowshape desig slung nand with rotating side brushes.  This design possibly get cleaning corners and furniture and close to the edge by criss-cross pattern and dirt senor technology.

There are 4 clean buttons on the top, some indicator lights and a large LED to show time and day. The Roomba can dock close to the wall with compact unit docking station. This type of Roomba is completed with two iRobot’s virtual wall accessories.

 Cleaner robot also has revolutionary Aero Force 3 stage performance cleaning system that provide ideal balance of vacuum suction. With debris extraction, it can also remove dust, dirt, hair and debris from all room types up to 50% more.

In addition. iAdapt Responsive Navigator Technology enables Roomba to explore all the floor space in the room multiple times. It is save for allergy sufferers and your lovely pets.

It has 13” wide cleaning path and includes 2 virtual wall lighthouse beacons for expanded room to room coverage. The batteray is rechargeable iRobot Xlife NiMh battery which as other Roomba batteries provides twice as as many charging cycles.

It is automatically adjust to all floor types and cleans under bed and furniture up to 3.6” low has 13.9” diameter x 3.6 H with 8.4 lb. This R880020 model has 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Save $105 with Roomba 880 bed bath and beyond coupon

 The original price of Roomba 880 bed bath beyond costs at $699. But you can use 20% roomba 880 bed bath beyond coupon and make it $594. Not only Roomba 880, the retail also discount the other types of Roomba like iRobot Braava 380t. By 15% discount, it is not $254.99 after @299.99.

Find your easy life with Roomba 880 that you can find at Bed Bath and Beyond. Make your every corner of your house clean every time with smart automatic clenaer robots. Just buy Roomba 880 Bed Bath and Beyond and get the discount. Clean your house, save your money and get easy in your beautiful life house!




King size is popular size which is the largest size after California King with different measurement in every country. This very best size for couple sleeper and family members is ecxellent to be put in bedroom or family room. The size of King has larger measurement than queen that you can find at stores.

Beside the style and material, the size of bed frame of course influence the costs we have to pay to get it. So, how much are king size beds at stores?

How wide are king size beds?

As we know that bed frames have many size like twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and california king. Twin size is the smaller and twin xl has extract larger measurement which is very suitable for single adult.

Then Full is suitable for couple but smaller than Queen which has longer and wider measurement. King has longer and wider than twin, twin xl, full and queen, but has smaller measurement than california king. King size has 76 in wide x 80 in long or 193 cm x 203 cm in US and Canada.

 One of large retail industry fromAmerica that stores various product is Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. which now provides online shop. The products sold at this stores are electronics, sporting goods, clothing, jewelry, party supplies, pet supplies, grocery, home furniture, etc.

Bad frames are some of many products you can find with various brands, size, style, material and price. Take some example for king frame bed, it has various price depend on the material and any other aspects. Then, how much is a king size bed in Walmart?

Modern Studio 14” Metal Platform Bed

This Modern Studio 14” Metal Platform Bed from Mainstay has multiple size from twin until king size. For twin, it costs $66.31, $79.00 for full size, $81.00 for queen while the king size costs $105.00.

This bed performs sturdy support for your mattress and removes the need of conventional box spring with durable quality steel. It also can be fold in half so that can be moved and kept conveniently. With 14” high, it can create extra under bed storage space.

The Faux Leather Platform Bed by Zinus

Transform your bedroom with an excellent addition, a contemporary platform bed The Faux Leather Platform Bed from Zenus collection. With wood slats and exposed feet support, this platfrom covered by faux leather features low profile footboard and a headboard.

It is easy to assembly legs, frame and wooden slats with zippered compartment in the back of headboard. The price of this bed is start from $120.79 up to 161.08. For the king size, it costs 161.08.

King size waterbed

 Walmart also stores some waterbed in king size like Fiber 3500 Hardside Waterbed Mattress and Liner. This waterbed mattress from Blue Magic costs $159.00 for king size with picup discount $4.45. It has six layers with 3 layers for lumbar support and plus 3 layer wave reduction system. With this multiple lumbar layers, will make ultimate mid-body support and reduce motions.

Those are the king size bed or waterbed in king size you can choose at Walmart. The king size has higher price than twin, twin xl, full and queen. If you are still asking how much are king size beds, you need to visit Walmart by yourself. Shop smartly and savy. Happy shoping and improve your beautiful bedroom.

 Bunk bed is better choice for your small room to remain it spacious than using two bed on the floor. There are many models of bunk beds you can choose with various material like metal, pine, solid wood, etc. The differences of the material use and the size absolutely influence the cost of bunk beds.

Not only the kind of material, but also the model and the number of material needed to make the bunkbed. Then it brings a question ‘how much do bunk bed cost for each?’

How much do bunk beds cost depending on the material?

Wood is the most popular material to make bunk beds that can be shaped and colored with various style. The durability of the wood will make the bunk bed lasts for years which costs start from $215.00. For metal bunkbeds, commonly it has cheaper than the wooden bunk bed.

Metal has lighter weight than wood so the bunk bed can be moved easily. These metal bunk beds start from $117.22.

How much does a bunk bed cost depending on the basic design and style?

There are some basic designs of bunk beds like standard, trundle, L-shaped, novelty, and triple. The style also influence the costs like traditional, rustic, country, modern, and industrial.  The standard design with traditional style need less material to make it, so it may has the cheapest price.

Triple design and modern or rustic style need much material whether wood or metal so it has the highest price. However, those design and style also will be influenced by the sive of bed frame.

How much do built in bunk beds cost by your self?

If you have your own imagination about a good bunk bed, you can make it by yourself. Explore and realize your creativity with your own bunk bed design for your lovely room or for someone you love.

Before you do your handmade craft, think how much does bunk bed cost handmade? It only starts from $50.00 up to $100.00 for shop the materials and tools that you need. Just look for the tutorial via internet, then you can save more money with handmade bunk bed.           

How much does a doc sofa bunk bed cost?

A doc sofa bunk bed allows you to spend relax time or watching TV on sofa under the loft bed. This kind of bunk bed has upper level bed and lower level futon with various design and style. Sofa bunk bed is commonly built from high quality metal and designed in full size for cople sleeper.

You can buy this item with the price starts from $197.00, a metal sofa bunk bed from DHP collection. There are still various price you can find at stores or online shop.

If so far you ask ‘how much do bunk bed cost?’, the description above is the answer. The standard minimum price of bunk bed is about $120.00 with standard design and classic style. However, whatever the style and design, it is influenced by the quality of the materials. If you want to save your money, you can make your own bunk bed with cheaper cost.


One of many popular bed frame type is captain bed which has storages underneath used to keep many things. It can be drawers or trundle underneath the bed frame with various size like twin, full, queen, and king.

You can maximally keep your daily things, clothes and others effectively without minimize the space of your tight room.

You are very suggested to choose full size of captain bed for couple or single sleeper with many drawers in not large room. King size and full size captain bed with drawers will be fitted to your small room than twin or xl twin.

Full size captain bed trundle drawers from Mission collection

Mission Full Size Captains Trundle Bed is very great for your growing children. It is very easy for your child to pull out the trundle bed for extra sleeping space. With 3 drawers underneath the trundle, your child can keep many favorite things and clothes.

This bed frame is durable for many years which is made from 100%solid wood. You can get it with $552.90

Another example is Broyhill Kids Marco Island Full Captain’s Bed with Trundle Espresso. This full size captain bed with twin trundle and 3 storage drawers is the ultimate choice for any bedroom. The trundle is very easy to be wheeled and maximize the space you need for sleeping.

It is durable with solid hardwood and has non toxic finished. You can buy this with $439.99 or $507.96 plus mattress at one set.

King size captain bed with 12 drawers

If you looking for the king with 12 functional drawers, Serenity 12-Drawer Ultimate Storage Bed Easter King is good choice. This bed is from Sanberg Furniture which costs $1,866.0 without expert assembly and plus $140.99 with expert assembly. It has 4 drawers at the left side and right side and 4 drawers at another side with one storage.

This great bed is available only in black color with a headboard that can be used as bookshelf. Not only king, it is also available in queen and full size.

 Then what is the different king size and king size captains bed with 12 drawers UK? The difference is in the measurement of both. In America and Canada, the measurement for king size is 76 in x 80 in (193 x 203). In the other hands, UK and Ireland has 60 in x 78 in (152 cm x 198cm) for king size. It seems that America and Canada’s king size is larger than king size of UK and Ireland.

 King size captains bed with drawers plans

There are many plans you can get from YouTube tutorial, pinterest or other internet channels. You just have to consider and learn about the size and the type of wood before starting the plan. Make captain bed by yourself will explore your creativity beside you save more your money.

So what are you waiting for? Take full size captain bed with drawers to maximize your bedroom or king size one to get more spacious bed. Buy from the stores in your near house or buy online.

If you want to, explore your imagination and just make it by yourself. Your tight room problem will be solved immediately.

 Bad position sleep and not suitable bed can cause back pain. Someone who has back pain of course need the mattress that fits natural sleeping posture. Everyone has their own comfort that is influences by firmness and softness of the mattress, flipping and rotating, and longetivity.

In addition, latex, memory foan, and the spring also influence the comfort for bad back. If you have bad back, read this following description to decide what best bed for a bad back you need.

 There are many brands that bestoffer bed for bad back purchased at some stores. They are Saatva, Amerisleep, Helix, Bear, Ultimate, Dynasty, Snuggle-Pedic, Simmons, Serta, AldenResort, Taylor, etc. The latex, memory foam, and spring of these beds are designed specially for people who has back pain. Here will be described some best mattress for a bad back.

Sleep Innovation Taylor

This bed provides medium firm sensation which is perfect for all sleeping position even for you who has bad back. Taylor bed maintain an optimal body temperature with 3 layers design that keep the memory foam cool. This bed is made in USA with 10 years warranty. The price of Sleep Innovation Taylor is $383.08.


Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro 12”

This 12” thick bed regulates heat and humidity, provides cool and silky sleep surface with stretch knit cover features a Mesh Gusset Air-Transfer Technology. With three layers, it brings unbeatable pressure point relief and deep contouring.

this is the best bed for sciatic nerve pain, fibromyalgia, and other related pain because there are no pressure points. It is available in Full size, Queen size, King size, and California King. Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro $599.99.

Dynasty Mattress Grand Atlantis Breeze

Dynasty Mattress Grand Atlantis Breeze is a medium firm mattres which has six layered gel memory foam structure. The three top of these layers are separated to cool another layer heating up.

This new matress design is suitable for who has hips and joint pains, sciatica, and bad backs. It is available in queen size. You can get this great mattress with $849.00.

Tuft and Needle

Tuft and Needle has 10” thick with polyurethane foam which is highly rated sought. It’s known that this mattress is best for lower back pain seeing that this is not too firm and soft. It is also built to stop pressure points building without worsen bad back with its firmness. The price of this Tuft and Needle is $600.00.                                                

Consumer reports

Many positive reviews from best mattress for a bad back consumer reports on internet. They love the products and say that those bed are amazing bads for back. They sleep comfortably and the back pain they are suffered is gone. Even one of them saaid that he has spent the best nights for 15 years with Dynasty Mattress.

Those are the best bed for a bad back that you can find whether in stores or online shop. Make sure that the bed you need is suitable with your body condition. Get a better sleeping and spend the best nights with a great and comfortable bed.