There are many aspects that have to be considered in choosing a bed including the size. There are twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and california king. Let’s take an example for full size bed. This is suitable for sleeper under 5’9” tall and will be too small for person who is taller than that. Besides, the price that is suitable with the budget of bed also has to be considered. So how much is a full size bed?

Before going to show the price, there is a common question about ful size bed. That is ‘how many cm is a full size bed?’ This common question will be asked when someone want to buy a bed which doesn’t understand the inch measurement.

The right answer is it has 54 inches (137cm) wide, 75 inches (191cm), by width per person 27 inches (68.6cm).

Full size bed at Sleep Number

Now, let’s see the price of full size bed. Actually, there are various price of full size bed depend on the brand, models, quality, and materials. One of companies that stores various comfortable and high quality beds is Sleep Number including full size bed.

So how much is a full size Sleep Number bed? The description below will answer this question.

 There are 6 beds of Sleep Number collection stored. They are c2 and c4 classic series, p5 performance series, i7 innovation series, i8 innovation series, and iLE innovation series.

Those are have optional features like SleepIQ technology and FlexFit Adjustable Bases for c2, c4, p5 and iLE. And for i7 innovation, and i8 innovation have only FlexFit Adjustable for optional features.

The lower price is c2 at $699.99 with its features DualAiradjustability, 8” profile, and soft breathable knit fabric. iLe has the highest price at $4,424.99 with many features. It has DualAiradjustability, temperature balancing sleep surface, 14” profile, 3 exclusive comfort layer .

This limited edition bed is made from luxurious soft knit fabric. After seeing the price of full size bed, may be you ask about how much is a king size bed? or how much is a queen size bed?

Here are the answer for two lastes questions. There are 8 beds stored at Sleep Number with the lowest price 1,399.99 and the highest $5,699.00. For queen bed stored at Sleep Number, there are 8 beds with various price. The price of these bed is $899.99 up to $4,999.00 with many comfortable features in it.

How much is a king size tempurpedic bed

now, we turn to tempur-pedic company which stores many stuff of bed and bedding. The price is influenced by features and firmness level. The firmness levels are extra firm, medium firm, medium, medium soft, soft, extra soft, and softest. The prices start from $2,499.00 up to $5,099.00.

Those are the prices you can find at Sleep Number and Tempurpedic. The size of bed of course will influence the price besides the material, model, and brand. So how much is a full size bed? Its cheaper than queen or king size bed in the same brand, model, and material.

Get a problem with your jelly belly or have you just been given a birth? Outlook is the first impression that we can concluded when meeting someone. Of course it becomes the important thing we have to pay attention.

It is time to open your eyes and get the best one for your good looking appearance. The tummy tuck belt Bed Bath and Beyond gives the best solution for this problem.

Exercising and healthy life style is the important thing to make your body firm. The good foods and drinks are also influence for your metabolism. If you have problem with your metabolism in your body, it will make you too fat or too thin.

To beautify your appearance is not as easy as fatten your body. But here, tummy tuck belt will help you fix this problem witn regular exercise and eating good foods and drinks.

Does Bed Bath and Beyond sell the tummy tuck belt

May be you are asking ‘is there any tummy tuck belt in bed bath and beyond? The answer is yes. Bed bath and beyond stores six tummy tuck belts that you can choose suited for your need and style. They are The Belly Burner Weight Loss Belt, Slendertone Abs Abdominal Muscle Toner, and V-Shape Trainer.

There are also Slender Connect Abs Muscle Toner, Valeo Core Support Belt, and Slendertone Replacement Abs Gel Pads.

Tummy tuck belt reviews bed bath and beyond

The Belly Burner Weight Loss Belt is one of the stuffs stored in Bed Bath and Beyond. This product information is as seen on TV that is fitting up to a 50 inches  waist. It measures 49” L x 8.5” W. This Belly Burner Weight Loss Belt includes exercise and food journal, meal planner nutrition log, and calorie counter. It cost about 285,900.

Another product is Slendertone Abs Abdominal Muscle Toner. Slendertone Abs Abnominal Muscle Toner is FDA Cleared that helps clinically firm your tone muscle and abs at once. It is an effectiva and convenient way with electrical muscle stimulation technology to stimulates abdomial nerves contract and relax.

This stuff includes LCD control unit, travel pouch, 3 adhesive GelPads, User manual, and quick star guise. This abs abdominal muscle toner is preced at 1,429,900.

If you look for a good toner body to be more buff, you can find it in V-Shape Trainer. This belt has small/medium size which measures 20” L x 8.7” W and large/x-large size 22” L x 9” W. The small/medium size is suitable for 23” to 31” inches waist, while the larger one is for waistline measuring 32” to 39”.

This stuff is hand wash only and cn be used at anytime. This tummy tuck belt at bed bath and beyond costs about 285,900.

Those are some tummy tuck belts that you can find at bed bath and beyond. It has different specifications and size. With many advantages you can take from this stuffs, your outlook will be slimmer and great.

Do exercise, eat good foods, and find the right tummy tuck belt suitable for your belly and your needs. Be health, smart, and happy!


 If you are movie freak and love spending time on bed, you need best pillow for sitting up in bed. It will prevent stiffness and soreness after a long time sitting on bed. It will also give you the adorable comfort when watching movie or other activities.

It is also very useful for busy people to spend their lessuire time and feel the relaxation. This is also called bed rest pillow or husband pillow.

 What is the best pillow for sitting up in bed?

There are many best pillows for sitting up that will make your lessure time very good and relax. It is soft as pillow, a support like chair and sometimes completed with armrests.  Best pillow for sitting up in bed are available in various brands, colors, materials and models. Here will be described some of them that you can considered to buy.

Feel the comfortable relaxation with the Jobri Spine Reliever Bed Wedge. It has memory foam core covered with soft terrycloth with two reclining positions and removable velcro neck roll. It can be used as a treatment of acute and chronic spinal pain issues. It costs about 64.99 poundsterling.

Another best sitting up pillow is Linenspa Shredded Foam Reading which providing excellent breathebility. It will make you feel so cozy and cool. This pillow is suitable with any decoration with its natural stone color. It is covered with plush and durable velour and has convenient carrying handle. This luxury pillow is priced at 17.89 poundsterling.

The sitting up pillow which is very good for college students is Brentwood Originals Poodle Bedrest. It is made from high-grade polyester, blend od cotton and rayon along its side. This has many choices of color and very easy to care. The price of Brentwood Original is 103.62 poundsterling.

The Xiamen Comfort Sci&Tech NAP Bed Rest will give you a very movie sensation. It is suitable with any bed, any body shapes or size. With a cup holder at left armrest, you can keep watching movie and drinking without worrying  spill of the drink.

You can also fold the cupholder up and make the flat armrest if you don’t need it anymore. It has sof external fabric that will make you comfortable to lay. This smart husband pillow costs 542.50 poundsterling.


If you have no big budget, you can choose this inexpensive sitting up pillow, Deluxe Comfort J-12. With 86.91 puondsterling, you can get comfortable and durable enough stuff. It is made from leather, polyester, and a fine microsuede. It provides in eight various colors that can match the decoration of the room. This is the best pillow for sitting up in bed in inexpensive way.

Five sitting up pillow described are some example of many brands and various models of pillow for sitting up. So, if you like reading and watching movie all the time on your bed, don’t let this activity hurt you.

Find these stuff and buy one the best pillow for sitting up in bed suitable for your need and budget?


It is true that sleeping is our need in this life. Sleeping charges our energy so that we are ready to do many daily activities. To absorb maximum energy, high quality sleeping is very influential part. One of many aspects that influence high quality sleeping is the convenience of the space we used to sleep.

The size, cleanness, and comfort take a big role to make our sleep better. Here, Bed Bath and Beyond bedroom sets gives you the real convenience of sleeping.

There are many size of bedding sets stored at Bed Bath and Beyond. There are king, queen, full, twin XL, and twin. Each of the sizes has different long and wide with various brand, materials, and price.

Brands available at Bed Bath and Beyond are Mi Zone, Lacoste, Nadia,   Madison, Trina Turk, Truly soft every day, etc. To know various size of bedding sets to sell, let’s check out what are inside!

Bed bath and beyond bedding sets king

King size bed is suitable for couple who want more spacious space that has 72 inch wide x 80 inch long. One of bedding sets with king size is Truly Soft Everyday Duvet Cover Set which is made from 100% polyester microfiber and hippallergenic.

This set includes 104” W x 90” L duvet cover and two 20” W x 36” L king pillow shams. It has machine wash material with black, brown, burgundy, grey, ivory, light blue, or navy. The price of this bedding set is $29.99.

 Bed bath and beyond bedding sets queen

Queen size bed is smaller than King with 60 inch wide x 80 inched long. The queen size bedding sets at Bed Bath and Beyond are various and have high quality. Kensie Laramie Duvet Cover Set is one of the right choices which provide earthly charm with 100% cotton. It has 90” W x 90” L duvet cover and two 20” W x 26” L standard pillow shams. This simple and soft bedding set costs from $169.99 up to $199.99.

 Bed bath and beyond full size bedding sets

There are many 100% polyester or cotton full bedding sets at Bed Bath and Beyond you can buy. One of these sets is Mesa Comforter set which gives a rustic style with pattern of hunting lodge. It includes 82” x 88” comforter, 54” x 75” bed skirt, and two 20” x 26” standard pillow shams. It’s also has 81” x 96” flat sheet, 54” x 75” fitted sheet, and two 20” x 30” standard pillowcases. There are red or black color you can choose with $79.99.

Twin XL and twin bedding sets at Bed Bath and Beyond

Wamsutta 620 Egyptian Cotton Deep Pocket Sheet Set is available in both twin xl and twin size. Twin set has 75” x 99” flat sheet and 39” x 75” fitted sheet while twin XL sheet has 75” x 99” flat sheet and 39” x 80 fitted sheet. It is made from 100% Egyptian cotton with $39.99 – $99.99.

Those are the bedding sets at Bed Bath and Beyond you can choose to make your sleep better. Take one Bed Bath and Beyond bedroom sets and get the convenience of the softness with different size.

Do you going to get married? Or just get married? Of course, you want a comfortable house for you and your pair to live together. To make or buy comfortable house, it is cannot be separated adorable room that will be the heart of house. Make the comfortable room with take one of Walmart bed in a bag queen size for you two.

Queen size bed has about 60 inches wide and 80 inches of long. It is very suitable and spacy for couple sleeping on it. Walmart provide bed in a bag bedding set with queen size in various models, colors and price. Here some of bed in a bag sets with queen size that you can considere to buy.

Mainstay Monique Paisley Coordinated Bedding set will give bright touch to your sweet room. This set has feminine motive with multiple calm colors. A set of this queen size includes comforter, 2 shams, fitted sheet, decorative pillow, flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

This set is made from polyester. The price of this Walmart bed in bag queen size is $44.82 – $49.82.

Another set is Mainstays Interlocking Geo Bed in a Bag Beding Set which combines tosca color and black-white motive. It will make your bed more stylish and comfortable with modern pattern matched in any decorative things in your room. It has the same number of pieces with the other queen size sets. You can buy this bag queen size bedding set in Walmart only with $29.96.

Walmart Bed in A Bag Full Size for Best Couple

Bed in a bag set with full size is little bit smaller than queen size. It has about 54 inches wide and 74 inches long. This is very suitable for the bride and groom who want more space for sleeping. One of full size bed in bag stored at Walmart is Mainstay Classic Noir Bed in a Bag Bedding Set.

It has a comforter, 2 pillow shams, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, two pillow cases and one decorative pillow.

Walmart Bed in A Bag King Size for Maximum Sleeping Space

This is the best bed size for maximum couple space. King size bed in a bag has about 102 inches wide and 90 inches long. One of these products is Mainstays Leaf Medallion 6 Piece Bed in a Bag. It is made from 100% polyester which is machine washable for easy care. It has beautiful motive in fuve color variants. The cost to purchase this king size set is $44.82 up to $49.82.

Walmart Bed in A Bag Twin Size for Modern Teens

Kid or teen will be comfortable to sleep on this twin bed size, the smallest size of these sets. Make your kid’s bed good and amazing with one of the product stored at Walmart. Mainstays Blue Plaid Bed in a Bag Complete Bedding Set with twin size is adorable for your son. It includes comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, one pillowcase, one sham, and one bed skirt.

This boyish bedding set is made from polyester and machine washable so that easy to care.

There are many variants of bed in a bag sets that are sold at walmart. Mall the material of the sets are easy to care with machine washable polyester. The sizes provided are complete from the smallest one to the biggest. Before purchasing, firstly decide what size that you want to buy as needed.

But if you a new bride or groom, what are you waiting for to purchase Walmart Bed in Bag Queen Size?