Rc Willey Bunk Beds for Your Twins’ Sleeping Beauty

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If you have a twin kids, it must be very confusing where to place their beds in tight space room. It doesn’t have to be worried because there is bunk bed which is very suitable for your twin kids. Bunk beds have more than one bed modified and designed as effective as possible to be placed in limited ground.

There are many different models and materials of bunk bed which is safely and comfortable for good sleeping. Rc Willey bunk beds offer the effective convenient for your twin child’s beautiful sleeping.

Rc Willey is a home furnishing company which is now owned by American, Berkshire Hathaway. It is a retail store which sells furniture, home appliance, mattress, electronics, and flooring.

The furniture available in this store includes bunk beds with various brands. The brands are Fort, Spring Creek, Palomino, Walnut, etc. Bunk beds at Rc Willey costs in various types depend on the material used, storages, and brands.

Rc Willey Fort Bunk Bed

Rc Willey has many brands collection of bunk bed to be sold. One of them is Fort Collection. There are many bunk beds produced by Fort collection with high quality and good models. Almost of the furniture collection is made from drifted wood.

It has suitable and reachable design for the children.  Here will be described one of the collections.

Fort Driftwood Rustic Twin-over-Twin Bunk Bed

This bunk bed is both functional and fun which is featured with a rugged and rustic look. It offers facility for storing toys or clothes with the convenience of under-bed storage drawers. This bed includes bunk ends, twin-over-twin bunk frame, 2 twin bunkette boards, and 2 drawers under bed storage.

Its features are solid pine construction, driftwood finish, and a year warranty. It costs at $649.99

Rc Willey Loft Beds

Rc Willey also store many models of loft beds. Many available loft bed brands at this store like Laguna, Plomino, Imagine, Savannah, Goal Keeper, Logik, Mobby, Isabelle, etc. The loft beds are made by high quality woods or metal.

It costs from about $499.99 up to $$999.99. Here will be described product of Palomino and Goal Keeper collections.

Palomino Cinammon Rustic Loft Bed

One of Palomino collection available at Rc Willey is Palomino Cinammon Rustic Loft Bed. This loft beds make desert atmosphere with its spare and rugged beauty. It’s both functional and versatile because made from solid pine featured rustic charm which is finished by with warm cinnamon.

This set includes bottom and top frame and ends, chest end, desk end, ladder and two bunkette boards. It costs $999.99 with $150 saved.

This bed is very suitable for you who need an efficient arrangement which can accommodate two in a medium size bedroom. It is very good and very easy to assemble to maximize the limit space.

The kids will be very happy with this loft bed because they can sit on the bed and use the shelves underneath as toys or other things storage.

Goal Keeper Loft Bed

Goal Keeper loft bed brings sporty sensation to your home which combine function and fun. The loft bunk is featured a space for a twin size mattress, ladder, a study desk unit to one side and also a goal net.

Heavy gauge powder coated tubular steel is the material to make the sturdy bed frame with a white finish. The rugged construction is also made from a black high-pressure laminated desk. It is the survival way to be suited in any youth environment.

Just make sleeping beauty for your kids every night with many features described. Save, multifunctional and unique style are the excellent combination made from the brand collections. Rc Willey loft bed will make your dreams come true.


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