Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed Complete Review

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Anti Snore Position

Are you snoring actively during your sleep? Try the anti-snoring position which the bed can be set by raising the head so you can reduce your snoring.

Split Construction

If you pick the split king models, this Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed allows you to split the construction. If your partner wants to raise the head but you don’t, it can do it!

Long Warranty

The bed is guaranteed to last up to 20 years later. It is durable and functionates well even though you use it often.

Fit With Most Standard Bed Frame

This bed can fit with any kind of standard bedframes. It also includes headboard brackets.


  • Among those features offered by the Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed, this bed doesn’t offer wall hugger feature. You cannot expect it to hug the wall.
  • This bed is very heavy. Never to bring this bed on your own without a help. You cannot bring it upstair with your own hands.
  • Some of the consumers reported they need several times to sleep with. However, after some adaptations, they sleep well and satisfied with the product.

That’s all our review about the Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed. Pros and cons always exist, but most of the consumers say it works well and they have a great morning. It depends on your need as well whether you are going to like it or not.

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