Stearns and Foster Adjustable Bed

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Less Back Pain and Great Morning

This Stearns and Foster adjustable bed can reduce your back pain. It is reported that only 15% consumers telling they get back pain in the morning. The back pain is sometimes caused by sagging experience. It occurs when the sagging depth is deeper than 1.5 inches.

The Stearns and Foster adjustable bed offers a well-conforming which you can feel a cloud-like, cradling and some pressure on some points which relieves your tiredness and stress.

Well Motion Isolation

The Stearns and Foster adjustable bed performs better result than average beds which absorb the movement, so your partner will not get disturbed.The mattress also produces less noise. Then, you don’t need to add a topper to get comfort. Isn’t that good?


Things That Make People Feel Uncomfortable with the Streans and Foster

Even though the Stearns and Foster is labeled to be the high-end bed, but it still has some weakness to know which are as follows:

It Is Somewhat Expensive

The Stearns and Foster’s price is ranged from $1,100-$3,500 which depends on the size. The average queen models are costed at $2,000 without foundation that is considered expensive. But for some customers who prefer to consider the comfort, it doesn’t matter.

It Is Heavy

If you try to move your adjustable mattress by yourself, it is somewhat troublesome. The bed is really heavy, so you might need some help, especially when you move to upstairs. It has 65-180 pounds based on models available.

Lack of Marketing Accuracy

Some consumers reported that the marketing accuracy is low. They thaught that they could get the product with free delivering service, but they should have paid it much. It is little bit hyperbole with overwhelming descriptions including the finest adjustable mattress in the world. In fact, around 25% of them will disagree with it.

Telling about pros and cons may vary. You might experience something that you don’t like. However, there are many good things to enjoy which make

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