Bed bugs will be the most crucial problem to fight for. It is annoying and difficult to get rid even though you use a steamer to kill all the sources. But, bed bugs are bedbugs. They jump over the clothes, furniture, mattresses, rugs, and carpets. You probably are sure enough to get the house clean from bed bugs.

But the problems come again once your family member brings it from outside, so you should welcome the bed bugs again. Feeling terrified? That’s why your best Big Lots beds and mattresses will not work! You need another one, a companion that can prevent your bed from the problems. It may be the Big Lots bed bug mattress cover. Thank’s for that!

Another problem to have with the bed is when you have toddlers. They make a mess every day. They pee and spill the milk and foods. You cannot prevent this excepting providing a special mattress. Thanks for Big Lots toddler bed mattress that save your day helping your heavy duty.

So, now your job should get a little help from Big Lots. Here are our best recommendation for Big Lots bed and mattress kits that help you fix your daily stressful job.

Waterproof Queen Mattress Cover

Once you have purchased the Big Lots beds and mattresses keep in mind to have the Big Lots bed bug mattress cover. This Waterproof Queen Mattress Cover is one of the best items you can buy with $13.00. It saves your money since now you can have a Big Lots bed mattress with the waterproof mattress protector.It protects your bed from spills and stains.

The cover fits 12″ deep with elastic material to help you remove the cover when you want to wash it. Besides, the top side is very soft which you will never feel the acomfortable night. It is machine washable and easy to care.

Just Home King Waterproof Mattress Cover

Another Big Lots Beds and Mattresses come with Just Home King Waterproof Mattress Cover. It costs $18 that fits for King size bed. This cover helps you protect your bed from bed bugs and spilling. The mattress cover fits up to12″ deep with comfortable fabric let you sleep comfortably without noise when you move your sleep position.

It is elastic and helps you to make quick changing when it is dirty. The maintenance is easier with machine washable. The material is 100% polyester.

Just Home Zippered Waterproof Twin Mattress Cover

Is having the Twin bed? You probably need the Just Home Zippered Waterproof Twin Mattress Cover. It costs $7, cheap enough for excellent protection.  This is made of vinyl material offering you nice comfort during the sleep. Having toddlers now is not a problem because it is waterproof and yet still feel cool when you sleep on.

Featured with a zipper, the mattress cover helps you protect the bed from bed bugs with 12″ deep. Cleaning the protector is really easy. You just need a damp cloth to clean the stains and spills. Interested?


Finding stylish bunk beds with desk under them are quiet hard in the world which is filled with amusing and amazing furniture option in terms of bedding. However, you are already provided lots of choices related to bunk beds selection which of course for your children.

Adult also could sleep on the bunk bed, but this time we will write about bunk bed for your lovely children. These ideas may help you to search for the best inspiration how to display the bunk beds.

Which Bunk Bed Style For My Children

Children many often don’t want to sleep together with their siblings. That’s is why you should pay attention more on how they sleep just in one room. Meanwhile, they have different daily activities and also habits. Today, bunk beds with desk underneath for sale is perfect to check. This is actually perfect for single body.

It means that the bunk bed is only able to use for one person. So, to save space in bedroom even for one person in the room, you can buy this style of bunk bed for your child.

Desk underneath is very useful as working space for children. They can make it as their second home. Even, they can spend their time inside of the bedroom because of new stylish bunk bed you have chosen.

There are many options the style of desks underneath including the schemes color. It is existed a chair with table and cabinets or drawers. Even, it can be a space for playing area to your children. Another style can be bunk beds with desks under which is simpler only by installing desk for studying.

The loft bunk beds are really inspiring ideas with their functional spaces for children sleep, play, and study or work. However, you should be wise selecting the bunk bed based on the materials basis. It can be wire and wood.

It will be durable and stable material if you select wooden base. Nevertheless, oak wood is much better choice. Your children will absolutely enjoy the time together with siblings or even only alone by only unique loft bunk beds with desks under them.

Bunk Beds With Desks And Sofa Underneath

Which one is better to your children’s bedroom? Bunk beds with desks or sofa underneath? Well, let’s find out the answer. It depends on the availability of the bedroom’s space and size also your children’s need.

School-aged children will be more fun and enjoying the time if you can prepare amusing bunk bed with desks underneath. The position of every cabinet, desk, and armchair has various styles. It is also designed with the ladder as the way the children go up to the upper bed.

You know IKEA, don’t you? They produce stylish and popular bedding furniture including bunk beds with sofa underneath IKEA with various prices and finishes. Adding sofa under bunk bed is like the real second home to your children.

They can lay down while chat with you in free time. It sounds amazing, isn’t it? Make your children time more fun with bunk beds with desks under them to support their growth.

Hello homeowners! Do you know Tempurpedic? Well, of course it is international manufacturer and also mattresses distributor. You probably are the customer and want to know which one is better for buying bedskirt for tempurpedic adjustable bed. There must be many options and offers when you try once to purchase them in the stores.

However, you should be wise in selecting the best and most suitable one. Incorrect choice will make false work on your bedroom.

Bedskirt is available in a wide range sizes, styles, designs, patterns, and fabrics material. It has various prices as well starting from lower up to expensive price. Make sure that you choose the best bedskirt your bedding size. It is available classic collection adjustable bedskirt with a velcro opening across the foot to close easily which is around the metal.

It suports at the foot of your bed. The material is made of cotton. This classic bedskirt is designed together one set with the sheet sets and pollowcases. Otherwise, you can make it by yourself.

Best DIY Bedskirt Tempurpedic Adjustable Bed

If you think you are able to make it by yourself, it would be better to do yourself bedskirt for tempurpedic adjustable bed. Even it is not comparable with popular brands, at least, you can create the comfort for yourself and family.

Now, let’s learn the steps to makebedskirDIY t for tempurpedic adjustable bed. Please, read the following explanation below before you are trying to make it by yourself, or you can prepare the materials and tools now.

It is better to wash your sheet if it is new. And then you just spot treat a huge perk the flash sheet-turned-bedskirt and throw it to the wash machine. And then shrink it before you make it to your bedskirt.

The next step is figure it out of a few measurements such as the size of flat sheet and also length of the spring. Get your math on this step in order to get exact and precise measurements before cutting the panel sizes which are needed to your sheet.

After right here, you will need two side panels to be measured for the box of spring. In this step, you need to figure it out from the head to the foot of your bed. You probably need a 5 inches extra of the pleats.

It can be managed by one end panel which measures width of the box spring to less than 2 inches. And then two corner panels for about 16 inches wide, but if you got standard height of bed, you just make 16-18 inches tall. If you have taller beds, you should make the panels just a few inches taller.

Tempurpedic adjustable bed and bedskirt is basically poplar brand which can be your inspiration when you make bedskirt by yourself. Otherwise, you can purchase one of them according to your budget.

So, make sure firstly about the measurement of your bed before delivering your cash for your bed. In addition, make sure that you should not go up the sheet size which makes you work twice later.


Get your house improvement, more efficient and clean with Simplehuman trash can. Simplehuman is a company that produce the tools that make people more efficient at home.

The products are trash cans, custom fit liners, sensor pumps, soap refills, sensor mirrors, kitchen tools, and bath tools.

You can find those things at many stores including Bed Bath and Beyond. Bed Bath and Beyond Simplehuman trash can is available in various model, style and of course price.

Various style and style of Bed Bath and Beyond Simplehuman trash can

There are many style with different basic material that each of them gives the different advantages. The material can be from plastic or stainless steel with separated or non separated can. Some of these cans are also have automatic lid or non automatic lid. Cans cost from $14.99 up to 199.99. Here will be showed some of trash can that sroted at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Simplehuman Brushed Stainless Steel Fingerprint-Proof  Trash Can is available here. It has 1 ½ liter container with convenient swing open top and non skid based. With those features, it will be suitable to be used on a countertop or desk. You can buy this small simplehuman trash can only with $14.99.

Keep your bathroom clean with Simplehuman 10-liter Butterfly Step Can.  This trash will give you an efficient space and discreet trash can so it will sit perfectly in the bathroom. It gives hands free exparience with butterfly lid design that opens from the center. The costs that you have to pay for this item is $49.99.


Another of Bed Bath and Beyond Simplehuman trash cans is Simplehuman 35-liter Pull-Out Recycler. This two trash cans are fitted in a commercial-grade steel frame which has smooth gliding ball bearing tracks. It is fully extended up to 18”. This pull out recycle design make a space saving so you can fit easily inside cabinets for easy access. You can buy this trash can with $79.99

Get right now the innovative Simplehuman Slim Touch Brushed Stainless Steel 40-Liter Touch Bar Trash Can! This touch bar trash can is a cool alternative for classic style of your trash can with step-to-open pedal bin. You can tap or nudge the unique touch barwith your hand, knee, elbow or hip to release the lacth and open the lid. The price of this can is 139.99

Let’s go to the highest price with Simplehuman Dual Compartment Rectangular 15.3-Gallon Step Can in Rose Gold. This $199.99 trash can has 2 separated garbage in 1 convenient container with dual compartement. It is take from superhuman, compartment rectangular 16-gallon step trash can.

One side of compartment dispenses and store  liners from inside. The other side is fitted with a handle bucket to dispose easily.

Those are some examples of Bed Bath and Beyond Simplehuman trash can. With many different style, material, function and price you can choose it one or more. Take the suitable one for your need at your house. With Simplehuman, make your effective home and happy shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond.



Keeping clean the house is not easy as we imagine, if you do it manually. Morevoer, if you have a big house with detail design and many corners in the room, you’ll get more difficulties.

If you so and get a problem with dusts difficult to be cleaned in your house, don’t worry! Throw your manually cleaning and change it with a smart robot that grab dirt effectively even at the corners. Roomba 880 Bed Bath Beyond will make your life easier.

Bed Bath and Beyond store many types of vacuum cleaner from Dyson, Miele, Soniclean, Neato Botvac, Ecovacs, Braava, and Roomba. Those brand has their own specification and unique design to clean the floor greatly. One of the robotics vacuum brands is Roomba which has many types and series.

They have iRobot Roomba 880, 860, 650, 960, 690 Wi-Fi, 980, 380t and completed with many accessories of this robot. Here will be describe one of them, that is iRobot Roomba 880.

iRobo t Roomba 880 bed bath and beyond is the best solution cleaner with round lowshape desig slung nand with rotating side brushes.  This design possibly get cleaning corners and furniture and close to the edge by criss-cross pattern and dirt senor technology.

There are 4 clean buttons on the top, some indicator lights and a large LED to show time and day. The Roomba can dock close to the wall with compact unit docking station. This type of Roomba is completed with two iRobot’s virtual wall accessories.

 Cleaner robot also has revolutionary Aero Force 3 stage performance cleaning system that provide ideal balance of vacuum suction. With debris extraction, it can also remove dust, dirt, hair and debris from all room types up to 50% more.

In addition. iAdapt Responsive Navigator Technology enables Roomba to explore all the floor space in the room multiple times. It is save for allergy sufferers and your lovely pets.

It has 13” wide cleaning path and includes 2 virtual wall lighthouse beacons for expanded room to room coverage. The batteray is rechargeable iRobot Xlife NiMh battery which as other Roomba batteries provides twice as as many charging cycles.

It is automatically adjust to all floor types and cleans under bed and furniture up to 3.6” low has 13.9” diameter x 3.6 H with 8.4 lb. This R880020 model has 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Save $105 with Roomba 880 bed bath and beyond coupon

 The original price of Roomba 880 bed bath beyond costs at $699. But you can use 20% roomba 880 bed bath beyond coupon and make it $594. Not only Roomba 880, the retail also discount the other types of Roomba like iRobot Braava 380t. By 15% discount, it is not $254.99 after @299.99.

Find your easy life with Roomba 880 that you can find at Bed Bath and Beyond. Make your every corner of your house clean every time with smart automatic clenaer robots. Just buy Roomba 880 Bed Bath and Beyond and get the discount. Clean your house, save your money and get easy in your beautiful life house!