Twin XL Loft Bed Frame

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A taller youth or adult need more space to sleep than twin bed size like twin XL size. Twin XL bed size is the best size to be fitted in the room of the students in the college dorm. The size is not too tight as twin size but not too spacious like full size.

It has 39 inches wide x 80 inches long that is 5 inches longer than twin bed. It is also important to use twin XL loft bed frame to maximize the room for one or two person in it.

Many students in dorm know this bed frame and love using it because it remains the privacy with separated bed. With bunk bed frame can minimize the space so that they can use another space to do many activities. Moreover, nowadays the models, materials, colors, and prices of bunk bed frame is very various and attractive.

If you want to make a dorm for students or just for your youth kid, you can choose this bed. Here will be described some loft beds and bunk beds you can consider to buy with twin XL size.

Twin XL loft bed frame

One of many aspects that make loft bed interesting is the components that follow it. This bed is usually completed with another function like Arched Mission Style that is provided by Factory collection. With $1,067.00, you’ll get an XL twin loft bed with bookcase in the end of the bed and side ladder.

It has 96-1/2” long, 42-5/8” wide, 71” high to top frame, 51” under loft and safety fits mattress until 10.5”.

Another model of twin XL loft bed is L154 Frontier style which is completed with desk, 5 drawer, and cubby. It has 85-1/2” including stairs, 44-1/8” wide, 71” high, 51” under loft, and safely fits mattress up to 10.5” high. The total price of this bed frame is $1,525 for loft bed $627, desk $299, drawers $499, and cubby $99.

Twin XL bunk bed frame

B111 Windsor style is the common models of bunk bed twin XL over twin XL used in many dorms. It has 85-1/4” long, 42-5/8” wide, 71” high to top of frame, and safely fits mattress up to 10.5” high. There are 13 colors that are available for this model. The price for this bed frame is $1,057.00.

B105 XL Princess Style is the right one for two youths with flair of curvy top panels gives feminine touch. It has 85-1/2” long, 42-1/2” wide, 72-1/2” high to top frame, and safely fits mattress up to 10.5” high. The total of this bed frame is $1,106 for XL twin bunk bed $857 and XL twin trundle bed $249.there are 12 colors you can choose that are available.

Well, whether you want to buy for dorms or for your kids, choose the right model. It is depend on needs, who will be sleep on it and which is the suitable one for the room. Those are some descriptions of twin XL loft bed frame that will help you to consider what model to buy.

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