What Is Pillow Top Mattress

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What is pillow top mattress? Well, pillow top is often found on the innerspring beds. It generally features and additional layer on the pad which is right on the top of the mattress. However, you will find another name – Euro top mattress. It is similar to each other which also feel soft. In addition, pillow top looks like an extra padding layer and the layer is underneath to keep the mattress in the place while Euro top’s layer lines up the edges of the mattress and creates flush.

Pillow Top Mattress Construction

Well, let’s start with the pillow top mattress construction which is build in two parts, the support section and also the pillow top section. It is also constructed for pillow top mattress king size. The support section is created by a two-tier mattress.

The part of support section can be pocket springs, suspension springs, cage springs, and also foam. Meanwhile, the pillow top section is comprised from polyester, memory foam, latex, wool, etc. To know the quality of pillow top is let you snuggle into the topper. In this case, pillow top mattress queen size also has similar construction. However, it has different quality which depends on the material.

Pillow Top Mattress Reviews

Here we give you pillow top mattress reviews to make you know more about what pillow mattress is. Pillow top is likely designed for two types of pillow top mattress – airbed and innerspring bed. In the airbed, pillow top is attached permanently. However, it can be easily removed and added a new top on the mattress. In this case, the replacement of pillow top mattress may or may not be covered under the mattress warranty given by the company. You can benefit this top mattress by rotating or flipping the mattress to extend easily.

In the contrast, innerspring mattress is also permanently attached by the pillow top, but it cannot be easily removed or replaced. It is unlikely the case with the airbed as explained above. So, if you intend to buy innerspring pillow top, be sure that you can get a help from the team who deliver your pillow top mattress.

Today, pillow top mattress sale is available in the stores both offline and online store. Nevertheless, it has the same case with the airbed regarding to the cost of replacement which may or may not be included under the warranty.

Which Pillow Top Mattress You Need

Pillow top mattress never is never ending which offers you a wide range options such as pillow top mattress twin, twin XL, full size, queen, and king size. However, they are offered in different models and prices. It can be ranged under $500 up to $ 1,500 only for pillow top mattress. What is a pillow mattress? Well, it’s no more question from you, isn’t it?

Then, what is pillow top mattress firm and soft? Well, the last thing you should know. Buying pillow top mattress is similar to buying mattress set which is available in medium or soft and medium or firm. Hope you will be inspired by this article before going to purchase the pillow top mattress you like from online stores.



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